Winter survival guide

Make it through the cold months with our survival guide.

Say goodbye to the warmer months, where we take our radiant skin, strong nails and luscious hair for granted.This winter beauty guide will give you tips to help survive the colder months, so your clients know how to look the best.


Christmas is great, but the winter can still be a nightmare for our skin. If your clients notice their skin’s looked dull, dry or tired, you can add these tips to your skincare routine, which will make a massive difference.



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After following the basics of removing make-up, it is important to make sure you cleanse again. Double cleansing is the most important part of your skincare routine for your skin to survive in winter. Whilst cleansing the first time removes your actual make-up, the second will actually cleanse your skin and make it look less tired and dull. Try using a cleansing oil or cream first, Ellisons recommend any of the Kaeso cleansing range, which includes a purity hot cloth cleanser which is great when you need a bit more TLC. Follow with a gel, foam or micellar water for the second cleanse. Ellisons recommend any of the Strictly Professional skincare range, especially the micellar water which also works to soothe and hydrate the face. Offering your clients a cleanser they can use at home will help to make their skin brighter and more radiant.

Hyaluronic acid

During winter, fine lines and wrinkles can become more noticeable, especially if we are dehydrated. Hyaluronic acid works by holding large amounts of moisture for a longer time, so hydrates your skin and has anti-ageing properties. These serums provide the perfect retail opportunity for your clients. Ellisons recommend the hyaluronic acid collagen mask or either of the Skin Republic sheet masks: the hyaluronic acid collagen mask or the 2 step hyaluronic acid collagen mask.

Facial oil


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Our skin gets a lot dryer in winter, so using a facial oil three times a week instead of moisturiser can help to keep your skin even more moisturised and plump. Incorporating a facial oil into your professional facial offering for your clients is a must during the colder months. To enhance your stone facials, Ellisons recommend the stone facial oil range and the Ellisons facial oil range, which suit a variety of skin types. Also if your clients want a bit more colour on their face, try using the St.Tropez self tan luxe facial oil with the luxe dry oil or adding it to your retail offering. It creates a natural and healthy looking tan for up to five days, whilst adding hydration.

Face masks

What would we do without face masks? It’s no wonder they are a must over the winter months to help care for your skin. Ellisons stock a wide range of face masks, for all occasions and skin types here, from brands like BeautyPro, Skin Republic and CASMARA. They provide the perfect retail opportunity, which your clients will love as they’re the ideal treat to use at home.


The last thing we want during winter are brittle, weak nails so here are a few tips to make sure your nails survive this winter:

Cuticle oil










After you have given a manicure or pedicure treatment, make sure to apply a generous amount of cuticle oil to your client’s nails and cuticles. This will help to keep them hydrated and protect them from splitting or breaking. Ellisons recommends the Botanical cuticle oil display, which would look great in any salon and includes 24 beautiful flavoured cuticle oils. Try adding the NailLux cuticle oil 15ml or the Mavala retail cuticle oil 5ml to your retail offering, for your clients to try at home.


Adding a hand treatment mask to your professional manicure or retail supplies is a great idea during winter especially. Ellisons recommends the Skin Republic hand repair treatment gloves, which helps to maintain the elasticity and strength of the skin and nails, or the BeautyPro hand therapy mask, which contain anti-ageing and hydrating properties and can also be purchased as a mask display.

Shorter nails


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Although it’s a great feeling to have longer nails, try to keep your nails shorter during winter so they aren’t at risk of breaking or cracking. Try suggesting to your clients, to have a winter gel polish instead if they normally opt for acrylic, as these will keep the natural nail stronger for longer.


We all know winter is a bad time for our hair, with cold weather, lack of moisture in the air and the over use of heated styling products. At this time of year, hair professionals have a constant battle on their hands to improve and care for client’s dry, damaged hair. We have put together a collection of tips and essentials to help you through the winter months.

Banish dryness


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Every hair professional knows how important it is for their clients not to neglect their hair in winter. With the cold weather draining vital moisture, it is essential to continually replenish it, as dryness leads to a number of concerns, such as dandruff, scalp irritation and hair loss. The Serie Expert vitamino color masque 500ml will restore your client’s hair back to health, ensuring that it is looking and feeling healthy, strong and vibrant. Use with Serie expert vitamino colour shampoo and conditioner for the best possible results.

You can also use Wella Balance anti hair loss serum 6ml  to refresh, soothe, penetrate and stimulate your clients scalp and roots to improve the health of the scalp and smooth the cuticles, leaving your client with beautiful, nourished hair.


Switch to a richer shampoo and conditioner in winter that contains hydrating ingredients, such as Argan oil, to give your client shiny, silky hair and tame any frizz or split ends. It is essential to invest in high quality shampoos and conditioners to protect and repair your clients’ hair in the colder months. We love the Oil Miracle oil-in-shampoo which is infused with lightweight oil droplets. Its intense hydration is perfect for dry and damaged hair, producing maximum bounce and shine. A must-have for your professional and retail offering.


A bouncy blow dry is perfect for all seasons. During the colder months, avoid going outside with wet hair as this can lead to it becoming brittle and dry. We like to use the Cricket Alumilite thermal brush 53mm to create the ultimate bouncy blow dry, suitable in salons and for clients to use at home.

TOP TIP – Stick to a low setting on the hair dryer and blast with a shot of cool air when finished styling to smooth the cuticle and prevent further damage.

Heat protection


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With a calendar full of Christmas parties and events to attend, it is essential that your client’s hair is protected from heat damage as much as possible. Our favourite spray is the Indola Innova thermal protector spray. Protecting the hair during the use of heated styling tools, these products also lock in moisture, prevent dryness, eliminate frizz and guarantee a sleek finish.


Have you got any tips to add to our winter survival guide? Let us know in the comments below or join in the conversation on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

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