How to care for your clients hair during winter

The winter can be cruel to your hair, with the cold weather and indoor heat making your skin dry and your hair lose hydration, leading to sad, split ends and unhealthy hair.

Here’s some top tips on how you can help your clients look after their hair this winter.

Shampoo less often

Although it is a lovely feeling to have just-washed hair, shampooing every day is actually damaging for the hair and scalp. Try to encourage your clients to leave more time in between washing their hair to keep it as healthy as possible.

Hydrate the hair with a super moisturising conditioner

Everyone knows its important to moisturise the skin, especially in those cold winter months, but its also extremely important to moisturise the hair and scalp. Opt for a deep moisture conditioner like the OSMO deep moisture 1L duo which is enriched with pataua oil and keratin complex to rehydrate the hair and leave it nourished.

Treat the hair weekly with a hair mask

A hair mask is a great way to revitalise dry and damaged hair. BeautyPro have released a deep conditioning hair therapy mask enriched wtih Argan Oil and Jojaba Seed Oil which was designed to revitalise dry, frizzy or damaged hair. The mask locks in heat which helps to penetrate the ingredients, leaving the hair richly nourished in only 15 minutes. The masks are a great product to offer to your clients this winter.

Use a leave in conditioner

A key sign of dryness is static ends, to combat this, we advise using a leave-in conditioner like the Uniq one leave in treatment  which will ensure the hair is hydrated as well as protecting it against heat, adding volume and acting as a detangling spray. The leave in treatment also comes in four different scents which all smell amazing.


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Don’t go outside with wet hair

There are many reasons you shouldn’t go outside with wet hair, one being that in the really cold months, your hair could freeze and break. When possible, leave the hair to dry naturally before going outside but if your client is in a rush blow dry the hair on a low heat setting and remember to encourage them to always your a heat protection spray. 

Cover the hair with a scarf or hat

A great “lazy girl” hack – wear a hat! This will protect the hair from any harsh bitter winds and icy temperatures. Silk lined hats or scarves are best as the natural properties of silk can help reduce friction on your hair which can cause damage to the hair.

Opt for a darker hair colour

Blonde or bleached hair looks amazing, but is also extremely damaging to the hair. Encouraging your clients to opt for a darker colour during the colder months could make their hair a lot healthier and stronger. If they don’t want to lose their blonde locks, suggest a darker root and a semi or demi permanent dye.



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Avoid over styling the hair

We understand that this can be hard, especially at this time of the year with all the Christmas parties. Try to encourage your clients to give their hair a break when they can. We recommend applying the Uniq one leave in hair treatment, brushing the hair through and loosely twisting the hair to add some texture and leaving to dry naturally.  Plaits are also a good option to keep the hair off the face and looking sleek, ensure to keep the plaits loose so the hair isn’t damaged.

Get a regular trim

Encourage your clients to get a regular trim, if their hair is damaged or dyed, they should have it cut more often than clients who have healthier locks to keep those split ends at bay.


Have you got any tips on how you keep your clients hair healthy in the winter? Let us know in the comments below.

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