Why should you buy from a registered wholesaler?

When booking a treatment, trust is a very important factor in a client’s decision process. This means that it is essential, as professionals, that you’re using safe, accredited products from a registered wholesaler. Take a look at some of the benefits of buying from a registered wholesaler, such as Ellisons, below.

Guaranteed genuine products

Whilst we always recommend you take the correct procedures to ensure a client’s safety, by purchasing your products from Ellisons you can rest assured that the products won’t have any hidden ingredients in that could be harmful. If you don’t know what’s in your products you won’t be able to take steps to prevent reactions. By using wholesalers that guarantee authenticity, you will have satisfied clients and a positive salon reputation.

Customer service, advice and support

Often when buying from unknown sources, little aftercare advice or help is available, should you have any concerns or questions. When you purchase from a registered wholesaler, you not only have access to a knowledgeable customer service team and store assistants who can offer you advice and support but, with certain products that are purchased, in-depth training is offered to ensure you are able to perform treatments to the highest standard.

Marketing material and tips

Another benefit of buying from a registered wholesaler is that, with a number of products you purchase, you may have access to a range of marketing materials you can use to promote your services. With access to client leaflets, posters and imagery you can create a large brand presence and increase your engagement with clients. This is likely to result in an enhanced salon performance and keep your clients coming back to your salon.

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