St.Tropez: an investment for your salon

As the UK’s leader in tanning, St.Tropez is guaranteed to be a worthwhile investment for any salon, spa or mobile business. Find out why this fabulous brand is a choice worth making and how Ellisons can assist you in adding St.Tropez to your treatment menu.

Who are St.Tropez?

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Loved by professionals and clients alike, St.Tropez is the global leader in the tanning industry, with one spray tan performed every minute and one St.Tropez product sold every fifteen seconds. With a wide selection of versatile products on offer, this celebrated brand are able to offer a finish for everyone, from a natural sun-kissed glow to the deepest bronze. Having won numerous, highly-acclaimed awards, adding St.Tropez to your treatment menu is guaranteed to make your business stand out, as well as provide a quality experience for your clients.

The science of tan

As experts within the world of tanning, St.Tropez believe in development and are always striving to improve their products to ensure a professional experience for both therapist and client. In 2016, St.Tropez made subtle yet precise changes to their best-selling formulas and introduced their ‘Intelligent Tanning System’ within their self tan range. Benefits include added Pro Hydragel complex, ensuring hydration and, in turn, promoting a longer-lasting tan and even fade. St.Tropez have also managed to eliminate the tell-tale scent that tanning agent DHA causes, replacing it with mood enhancing technology that will generate confidence from your client. With fast-absorbing yet hydrating textures, all St.Tropez products offer simple application and comfortable wear to ensure your client can gain their desired look with ease.

A wardrobe of choice

Incorporating St.Tropez into your business will enable you to offer every client their desired finished look. Their extensive selection of products provide a range of tan depths, as well as catering for different skin types and tones. The below images compare four St.Tropez mists to their retail equivalents. The images show the initial look of the tan and also show how the tan develops over time.

Initial application


The left arm shows a selection of St.Tropez professional mists while the right arm shows the retail equivalents of the mists. Top to bottom/left to right: luxe oil bronzing mist and self tan luxe dry oil, dark bronzing mist and dark bronzing mousse, express bronzing mist and express bronzing mousse, classic self tan mist and classic self tan mousse.

 Four hours after application


After four hours, both the express bronzing mist and express bronzing mousse have developed considerably, as well as the luxe oil bronzing mist.

24 hours after application


The next day, it is clear to see that all of the tanning products have successfully adjusted to the skin.

 What can I expect from a St.Tropez spray tanning course?

Before introducing St.Tropez into your business, it is vital that you receive the essential training to ensure you can offer the ultimate tanning experience to your clients. Guild accredited training is delivered by our Ellisons education team and you will be given the knowledge and skill to enable you to incorporate St.Tropez into your business. Here is what you can expect from the course:


You will be given an introduction to St.Tropez and its history, as well as discovering the main benefits of the brand and why it is used globally by professionals, celebrities and beauty editors alike.

Product and equipment

The Ellisons educator will talk you through the St.Tropez range and allow you to familiarise yourself with each product. You will also be introduced to all essential equipment and learn the importance of system maintenance.


It is essential that you perform a client consultation before performing a spray tan on a client. The course will teach you how to offer the correct consultation to ensure it is safe to conduct your treatment.


You will be shown how to perform a St.Tropez spray tan.


After demonstration, you will be able to perform a St.Tropez spray tan yourself with the help of our qualified staff.

Business potential

The Ellisons educator will discuss how you can incorporate St.Tropez into your business and will advise you on factors such as cost per treatment, profit, insurance and retailing.


At the end of your course, you’ll be given the chance to ask your experienced educator any questions you may have. If you require any further demonstration or would like to test more of the products, our staff will be happy to assist to ensure you leave The Academy feeling confident.

How will St.Tropez benefit my retail opportunity?

Due to its extensive retail range, adding St.Tropez to your treatment menu will allow you to increase your retail potential by offering your client a selection of products they can use at home or on the go. Discover some of our favourite St.Tropez retail products and how you can retail them to your clients after their professional treatment.

Tan Booster

This specially formulated, lightweight lotion will intensify your client’s St.Tropez tan and prolong colour for up to three days. Retail to clients after treatment to ensure they make the most of their spray tan.

Tan Enhancing moisturiser

Advise your client to apply this moisturiser daily to extend the length of their tan and to ensure an even fade.

Tinted Gradual Everyday lotion

Once your client’s spray tan begins to fade, they may wish to top up their colour until their next treatment. Retail the St.Tropez tinted gradual everyday lotion to your clients to enable them to add an instant hit of bronze to their skin that gradually builds with consistent application.

Instant Tanning lotion

Great for last minute events or occasions, the Instant Tanning lotion will provide clients with a no commitment, streak-free tan, perfect for when their spray tan has faded or if they do not have time for a professional treatment.

What costs should I consider before incorporating St.Tropez into my business?

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When introducing a new brand to your business, cost per treatment is one of the most important factors to consider. A 4 litre St.Tropez mist offers an average of 52 applications per bottle while a 1 litre mist offers an average of 13 applications. During the St.Tropez spray tan course, trainees are advised of the specific cost per treatment, taking additional costs such as disposables and treatment time into consideration. BL1194 One 4L mist = an average of 52 applications BL0776-Feature-670x565 One 1L mist = an average of 13 applications per bottle


Established in 1996, St.Tropez is an iconic brand that clients are likely to recognise and trust. Using an acknowledged brand may mean you are able to raise your treatment price. How much you charge per treatment will also depend on where your business is based. If you are city based, prices may be more competitive than smaller towns.


To boost revenue, as well as client satisfaction, you may wish to consider the offers you could incorporate into your business with St.Tropez. Take a look at some of our offer ideas below:

Holiday/occasion packages: You could offer clients a St.Tropez spray tan, alongside other treatments, as part of a specific package, for example, a wedding or birthday package.

Loyalty cards:  Offering client’s a discount after a certain amount of treatments ensures they continue to return to your salon and increases client loyalty.

Tanning parties: Mobile therapists can offer a service where they tan their client and their friends from the comfort of their client’s home. This could be for a special occasion or for a girl’s night in. You will have to decide on the minimum and maximum amount of guests you’d like to attend the party and on a package price. It is also the perfect opportunity to retail a selection of St.Tropez products to your client and their friends.

How can I make the most out of my St.Tropez equipment?

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As part of the St.Tropez spray tanning course, trainees will be able to familiarise themselves with the St.Tropez systems, including the static booths and the mobile tent. Educators will also advise on the spray gun and mobile extractor. St.Tropez systems include easy clean surfaces and are low maintenance to ensure you are able to offer a hygienic treatment environment. To ensure you can provide the most professional tanning experience to clients, we recommend the following maintenance tips:

  • Clean your booth before and after each treatment
  • Place towels or couch roll at the bottom of the booth during treatment
  • Follow the recommended filter changing procedure for specific booth
  • Clean the spray gun daily
  • Service all equipment every 12 months

Do St.Tropez offer marketing support?

St.Tropez offer a range of marketing support for salons and therapists that offer their treatment.



From posters and leaflets to appointment and consultation cards, you can promote your St.Tropez treatment to your clients, as well as offer them literature that will help advise them prior to and after treatment.

Social media

Social media is a powerful tool for many businesses and will allow you to promote your St.Tropez treatment quickly and easily to a wide audience. You can:

Post offers: Let your clients and their friends know about any special discounts they can make the most of.

Encourage interactivity: Ask clients to share photos of their tan via social media. You can ask them to post it to your social media page or tag your business in the image to ensure you are credited. This not only allows your client to show off their new glow but also promotes your business and may encourage new custom.

Competitions: This is a great way to get clients involved and will create interest around your business. Interactivity with your clients is a great way to earn customer loyalty.

How can I add St.Tropez to my treatment menu?

St.Tropez offers an ever-expanding collection of products and will grow alongside your business to ensure you are able to provide your clients the most advanced tanning experience. If you are interested in adding St.Tropez to your treatment menu, the Ellisons Academy St.Tropez spray tanning course is the perfect opportunity to get to know the products and gain the knowledge required to offer this professional tanning product to your clients.

For more information on the St.Tropez spray tanning course and for available course dates and venues, visit the Ellisons Academy webpage.

You can also contact the Ellisons Academy directly on: 024 7636 9516 or email any queries to: [email protected]

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