Why Fusion Gel is a must have for nail technicians

You may have heard about the new Fusion Gel range from Star Nails and are wondering what the fuss is all about. This revolutionary, all in one formula has all the benefits of acrylic and gel, plus many more. Read on to find out why its a must have for nail technicians.

The benefits…

The Fusion Gel formula comes in one tube, no need to mix or measure out ratios as the product is an all in one formula. The product can be easily manipulated using the Slip solution and a brush, meaning unlimited work time, allowing you to create the perfect shape, reducing filing time. The perfect product for beginners or students as it allows total control and the ability to work at your own pace.


The strong, lightweight formula is comfortable for clients to wear, feeling natural on the nails and cures easily using a LED/UV light, enhancing the ease and professionalism of your gel nail service. The strength and permanence qualities of acrylic and gel systems are translated into the manicure for amazing results. One of the main benefits of Fusion gel is its completely odourless and fragrance-free!

Fusion gel is available in a range of colours including clear, pure white, light pink and cover pink, allowing clients to chose their desired look.

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