Why choose essie

Iconic, innovative and truly original. These are just a few reasons why introducing essie into your salon will benefit not only your clients but your business. With an extensive palette range and revolutionary formulas crafted specifically for the professional world, essie is guaranteed to enhance your client’s manicure experience whilst increasing your salon’s prominence within the world of nails.

A wide selection of nail shades and treatments


2016 saw the launch of essie’s 1000th shade, making their extensive selection of polishes one of the biggest in the industry. Adding essie to your salon menu will ensure you’re able to offer a range of iconic classics to bold, trendsetting shades – there’s something for everyone. Also new to the essie family is the Gel Couture collection, a luxurious selection of polishes that offer 14 days of high-shine, glossy wear. Alongside their variety of polishes, essie also offer an impressive nail treatment range to ensure you’re able to keep your client’s nail’s healthy and provide a perfected finished look.


Introduce an iconic brand to your business



With its iconic bottle and simplistic yet effective branding, essie is instantly recognisable within the world of beauty and is loved by therapists, clients and celebrities alike. The popular essie shade Ballet Slippers sells every two minutes in the US, while Barely There is the number one polish in salons worldwide. Introducing such a well-established brand to your salon is likely to increase the credibility of your business, as clients will appreciate the use of such a well-known product. Using essie may also mean you are able to increase your cost per treatment due to the brand’s professional finish and famed reputation.

Crafted by professionals for professionals


essie’s innovative nail polish formulas are made specifically for the professional world and are best used alongside a manicurist routine. The crystal clear solvent base, along with the pure micro-milled pigments and salon-grade concentration ensure a fabulous finished look that your client will love and is guaranteed to set your salon apart from other businesses.

Fashion first



Always the forefront of fashion, essie has appeared on the catwalk countless times since its launch in 1981. In 2015, they welcomed fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff as their global colour designer due to her fashion expertise, modern eye for colour and talent at setting and developing trends. essie describe their target audience as experimental and fashion forward, perfect for more daring clients that like to try something different every nail appointment. However, a classic, more subtle manicure is also attainable with essie, as their unrivalled selection of blush pinks and nudes, along with sophisticated reds, will provide every client with a nail look they won’t forget.

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