Which products should you retail this winter?

Use the colder months to your business’ advantage by retailing a range of hair and beauty winter essentials to your clients to see them throughout the season. From moisturising treatments to make-up that will brighten up any look, offering this selection of products to your clients could enhance your retail potential and boost the revenue of your salon.

Carmex® lip balm


With dry, chapped lips a common annoyance throughout the colder months, clients will benefit from having a lip balm to hand. Carmex is a great, affordable option and offers a variety of flavours and formulas to suit all clients. With included menthol, Carmex lip balm protects lips from wind and sun and helps to heal chapped skin to ensure soft, smooth lips.

Wella Oil Reflections mask


The harsh, winter weather can be especially damaging to hair, causing dry, frizz-prone strands. Your client can relieve damaged hair by treating themselves to a luxurious hair mask, perfect for promoting soft, healthy hair. We love the Wella Oil Reflections mask as it nourishes hair, as well as ensuring a smooth, luminous finish that clients are guaranteed to love.

Kaeso cranberry sensation hand cream


Your client can avoid the discomfort of dry hands with Kaeso’s luxuriously rich hand cream. Specially designed to instantly restore moisture to dry skin, this hand cream will help nourish your client’s skin and will leave hands feeling soft and smooth. With an attractive cranberry scent, this hand cream is a great retail product and will become a handbag staple for clients during winter.

CND™ SolarOil™ pinkies


Labelled as ‘the miracle manicure in a bottle’, CND™SolarOil™ is a great post-manicure product to retail to clients. This innovative nail oil penetrates deeply into cuticles and nails to promote healthy growth and to prevent them from becoming weak and brittle, something that is more common during the colder months. With a powerful blend of vitamin E and jojoba, rice bran and sweet almond, this therapist essential should be retailed to clients after their manicure to enable them to prolong their finished look and enhance the health of their nails.

St.Tropez tinted gradual everyday lotion


St.Tropez’s tinted gradual lotion enables clients to achieve a sun-kissed glow all year around, even during the coldest months. Retail this lightweight, hydrating lotion to your clients to help them achieve an instant hint of bronze that is guaranteed to boost their confidence during winter. This lotion can be reapplied daily to build a deeper tan or can be used as and when to provide clients with a subtle yet gorgeous glow.


Skin Doctors supermoist SPF30+


A daily moisturiser is an essential for every client to ensure their skin is hydrated and to promote a soft, youthful look. Supermoist from Skin Doctors provides SPF30+ to ensure your client’s skin is protected from the winter sun’s strong ultraviolet rays. It also increases the water content of skin for ultimate hydration and fills out skin crevices to provide a smooth, flawless base for make-up. Lightweight and fast absorbing, this moisturiser is perfect for those who are conscious of caring for their skin during winter.

 Sleek MakeUP bronze block


Allow your client to create a beautiful, radiant make-up look during the dull winter months with Sleek MakeUP’s bronze block. This fabulous, multi-use product includes four complimentary shades to enable your client to highlight features and add colour to skin. Available in both light and dark, this easy to use product is great for using on the go and is set to become a firm favourite with clients.


Stylesign Soft Tamer

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True to its name, Stylesign’s Soft Tamer lotion controls frizz and provides a smooth, glossy finished look. Ideal for the colder months when frizz and flyaways become more prominent, this moisturising, styling lotion will promote manageability and will provide clients with a perfected finish they’ll love.

Sleek MakeUP’s True Colour lipstick


Brighten up your client’s make-up look this winter with Sleek MakeUP’s True Colour lipstick. Finishing off their make-up with a vibrant lip is great way for client’s to banish the winter blues and instantly add glamour to their look. We love berry-toned shades Smother and Dare for this season and the moisturising yet pigmented formula of Sleek’s True Colour range ensures a bright lip is easy to pull off for clients during the colder months.

Which essential hair and beauty products will you be retailing within your business this winter? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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