Which ARDELL eyelashes are right for your client?

Selecting the right false eyelashes for your client’s eye shape can be a daunting task. To make it easier, ARDELL, the best-selling eyelash brand, create their eyelashes with the different shapes in mind. Ensure you can cater to every client’s desired lash design by taking a look at the top picks we’ve selected from the range below.

For deep set eyes

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If your client has deep set eyes then consider eyelashes that won’t deflect away from their lash line. Opt for long and dramatic lashes that will draw attention to their eyes and will give them the wow factor they crave. Our favourites are the ARDELL 105 lashes as these will give luxurious length and volume, whilst still being subtle enough for everyday use.

Round eyes

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For clients with round eyes choose a winged and wispy eyelash design to help create the highly desired look of the cat eye. Our top choice are the popular ARDELL Demi Wispies, perfect for creating that sleek and sophisticated bright eyed look.

Almond Eyes

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A wide variety of lashes will work for those with almond eyes making it the easiest eye shape to shop for. We recommend lashes that are crisscrossed on the strip for a naturally voluminous effect. Shop the ARDELL 113 lashes and create a perfect full and fluttery appearance for your clients.

Small Eyes

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In order to avoid swallowing small eyes we suggest avoiding full flare lashes, instead we suggest small to medium lengths with a strong curl and emphasis on the middle of the eye. Our top choice of lashes for small eyes are the ARDELL 109 lashes, a subtle but striking design that will draw attention to your client’s eyes for all the right reasons.

Large Eyes

For clients with eyes that are the most prominent feature choose lashes that will help to make them appear even more bright and alluring. Our favourites are the ARDELL 120 lashes, creating all the eyelash benefits a client could need, from volume and length to a sultry cat eye appearance.

Which are your favourite ARDELL lashes from the range? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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