What are the benefits of the BeautyPro masks?

Offer your clients a variety of fabulous skin benefits with the luxurious range of BeautyPro masks. This innovative range of sheet masks combines essential vitamins, herbs and botanicals along with key ingredient marine collagen to enhance the radiance of skin and provide clients with a youthful, healthy glow. With face, hand and foot masks available, this versatile, vegan-friendly range of masks will enable you to resolve your client’s skin concerns, leaving them full of confidence.

Ellisons have tried and tested the full range of BeautyPro masks and believe they’ll make a great addition to your salon’s retail offering as well as your professional treatments. Discover our thoughts below and find out why we’re loving this fabulous range.

Brightening collagen mask

BP14050U (2)

Brighten and even your client’s complexion with this dual function face mask. As well as providing skin with a healthy, youthful glow, the brightening mask also contains anti-ageing properties that work to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The mask itself is very damp and should be applied carefully so as not to tear the sheet. However, once applied, the mask fits to the shape of the face perfectly and is cooling and comfortable to wear with a pleasant scent. We recommend massaging any excess liquid into the neck and chest area to avoid wasting any of this effective product.

Once removed, clients can expect to see instant improvements such as brighter, clearer skin that is soft and supple. To make the most of the mask’s anti-ageing benefits, we advise repeated use, making this mask a great product to retail to clients so they can add it into their own beauty and skincare regime.

Rejuvenating collagen mask

BP14051U (2)

With rebalancing properties, this mask is ideal for clients with oily yet dehydrated skin. The calming formula soothes skin and, like the other masks in the range, also includes anti-ageing properties. With a light yet attractive fragrance and green tea extract, this mask is a must for irritated skin that needs soothing. Again, the mask is very damp when first opened but any excess liquid can be put to good use by massaging into surrounding areas of the face.

The rejuvenating mask will immediately hydrate your client’s skin, providing an instantly smooth, soft complexion. It also provides toning benefits, great for clients who want to lift and tighten the skin for a youthful appearance. As well as using within your salon treatments, retail this mask to your clients to allow them to continually use this mask and reap the long term benefits such as anti-ageing.

Nourishing collagen mask

BP14052U (2)

The nourishing face mask from BeautyPro includes olive extract, great for adding essential moisture to your client’s skin. Alongside anti-ageing properties, this mask promises to nourish dehydrated skin, making this a great choice for clients with dry, dehydrated skin conditions. The mask feels cool on the skin, providing instant calming benefits as soon as it is applied.

Similar to BeautyPro’s other face masks, the nourishing mask is very damp but is easy to apply and mould to your client’s face shape. Immediate effects include reduced redness, as well as a softened, even complexion. After use, your client can expect overall calmer skin and long lasting hydration.

Detoxifying foaming cleansing mask

BP14057U (2)

Great for those with oily, acne-prone skin, this effective foaming mask includes activated charcoal to ensure deep cleansing of the skin and pores. When placed on the skin, this purifying mask will foam and froth to rid the skin of excess oil and dirt and provide a clear, even complexion. Due to the frothing of this mask, we recommend clients remain still during use to avoid any dripping. However, the mask is still highly comfortable to wear and fits the face well.

After removing the mask, your client’s skin will feel instantly refreshed and cleansed and their complexion will appear brighter. Due to the deep cleanse this mask provides, clients should use the brightening mask directly afterwards to ensure essential vitamins and moisture are placed back into the skin.

Eye therapy under eye masks

BP14053U (2)

Relieve tired, swollen eyes with these cooling under eye masks. These easy to apply hydrogel eye masks contain marine collagen and green tea to provide clients with a reawakened, youthful complexion. Perfect for use on the go, these masks are a great retail product but can also be incorporated into treatments such as lash extensions and eyebrow waxing or threading.

Your client can expect to see an instant improvement to the appearance of dark circles and under eye swelling will have reduced significantly. Although these effective masks promise to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, we recommend consistent use in order to benefit from the included anti-ageing properties.

Hand and foot therapy masks

hand and feet

Provide your client’s with soft, smooth hands and feet with the hand and foot therapy masks from BeautyPro. With hydrating and anti-ageing properties, these effective glove and bootie masks promise to replenish skin for a youthful appearance. The dual layered masks offer a soft, floral fragrance and are easy to apply but are quite large in order to suit every client, meaning they may be slightly loose on certain clients. However, the removable finger and toe tips make these masks the perfect addition to manicure and pedicure treatments, as your client can experience a luxurious skin treatment whilst their nails are painted. The sensitive ingredients ensure these masks are safe to use with natural nails, gel polish and extensions and also ensure they are suitable for every skin type.

Foot and callus peel treatment bootie

BP14058U (2)

This effective foot and callus peel includes over 17 botanical and fruit extracts, providing feet with essential softness and moisture, as well as actively removing dry, dead skin to reveal gorgeous, healthy feet. With hydrating and anti-bacterial properties, this treatment bootie continues working up to seven days after use, gently removing skin for a smooth, healthy finish. The full treatment time is 90 minutes to two hours, which seems time consuming but is highly worth the wait for the level of results achieved. Immediate effects of this cooling mask include instant softness and the residue is easy to wash off and non-sticky considering the lengthy treatment time.

After using the mask, clients can expect to see painless shedding of the skin and the removal of calluses. We recommend including this treatment bootie in a pedicure package and advising clients to use the mask a week prior to their appointment. This will ensure the process of removing dead skin has begun and will enhance the ease of the pedicure treatment.

BARBER PRO post shave cooling mask


The innovative post shave cooling mask is a great alternative to a cold towel after shaving or can be used as part of a male facial treatment to hydrate and nourish the skin. Alongside anti-ageing marine collagen, this mask also includes tea tree, witch hazel and aloe vera to calm and cool skin. As the mask is very damp, it can be fiddly to apply but is comfortable to wear. Additional length is added to the mask to allow it to cover the neck area, ensuring all shaved areas can be treated. Clients can expect their skin to feel instantly hydrated and soft to touch, a rarity after shaving.

This revolutionary mask has also been proved to reduce shaving rash and provide an overall clear complexion which many men struggle to obtain after shaving. Use this mask within your in-salon treatments or retail to clients to ensure they’re able to achieve soft, smooth skin at home.

BeautyPro’s extensive mask range offers a solution to a wide variety of popular skin concerns, ensuring you’re able to provide every client with a beautiful, healthy skin finish. Whether you incorporate this range into your salon treatments or retail to your clients, we can guarantee that adding BeautyPro to your salon offering will be a positive move.

What are your thoughts on this revolutionary mask range? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. You can shop the full BeautyPro range here.

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