What are our holiday essentials?

It’s that time of year where your client’s are soon-to-be jetting off to hotter climates and your appointment book is brimming. Ensure your client’s are fully prepped with their holiday essentials so there isn’t a mad panic and they end up arriving at their hotel without any of their trusty go-tos.

Your clients may have already started packing, however, it never goes a miss to jot down a quick checklist to guarantee they are fully prepped and holiday ready. Help them along with our checklist of holiday must-haves.

Skin protection is vital, even more so on holiday when the sun is incredibly strong. SPF will be your client’s new best friend. The Sleek crème to powder foundation provides coverage with a velvety texture and includes SPF15 so skin is protected throughout the day and night. Ideal for the evenings on holiday when your client’s want a flawless matte look to enhance their natural tan.

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Perfect that beach ready hair with a texturising salt spray. It’s likely that your client’s holiday will consist a lot of dipping in and out of the sea, or that crystal blue pool attached to their villa, so it’s important they take a styling spray to work that sea hair of theirs. A salt spray is a great option to add texture and definition to the hair, especially if they’re headed straight to dinner. This will be their life saviour for the trip.

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It is important your clients think about waxing before they go away. It is sometimes difficult to know which wax is best for which areas of the body. The natural crème wax is ideal for intimate waxing, the Phd™ Safewax natural crème wax is completely odourless, making it perfect for sensitive areas and delicate skin types.

Great for sensitive skin types, the tea tree crème wax soothes the skin and promotes fast healing, while helping to reduce post-waxing redness. With a beautiful fragrance, this calming wax is ideal for those with delicate skin.

The versatile honey wax is suitable for use on all areas, from leg waxing to eyebrow waxing. The superior quality wax spreads evenly and thinly onto the skin for perfect results every time.

It’s important to consider pre-holiday tanning to kick start their glow… no one wants to strip off when they’re not feeling their ultimate tanned self, they may be reluctant to bare all without a tan so why not fake it ‘til you make it? Offer your client’s a spray tan a day or two before they’re due to go away or retail them a self-tanning mousse to do themselves.

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Also, it’s nice for your client’s to top-up their tan whilst on holiday. The St.Tropez tint lotion is ideal for maintaining a gorgeous glow and enhancing their natural sun kissed skin.

Let us know what your summer holiday prep treatments are in the comments below or visit ellisons.co.uk to view our full range of products.

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