How to use social media to enhance your hair and beauty business

With around 44 million active users in the UK, the amount of power social media has is huge. For businesses, it is a brilliant tool for interacting with consumers and spread the word about your business. We are sharing our top tips and reasons why social media is a great way to enhance and grow your business.

How social media can help you and your business

1. It helps to create exposure for your business and spreads the word, allowing you to target a wide audience and grow positive relationships.

2. Social media media has a huge reach, with 79% of over 18’s in the UK using Facebook, giving you the opportunity to reach a large amount of people relatively easily.

3. Social advertising is cheaper than traditional advertising and you can monitor how much you would like to spend on each post, leaving you in control.

4. You are able to reach a wide demographic via social media, whether its through paid advertising or simply tailoring your posts to suit different demographics. This could  be anything from ages or locations to interests and hobbies.

5. Social media allows you to learn about your audience. Ask them questions, interact, monitor what gets the best reactions and learn from it each time.

6. Your social media pages allow customers to learn about you. Make sure all the information you want them to know is easily accessible and remember to always be on brand and professional.

7. Customer service –  quick and easy way for customers to be able to get in contact with you. Make sure that your response rate is good by responding quickly to messages and try to make every experience wtih you as positive as possible, this way they may leave a good review.

8. Social media is available anywhere and everywhere. If you are on the go and want to talk about something, it is quick and easy to post, no time needed for editing or printing. This allows you to be spontaneous and react to hot topics and always stay relevant.

Some top tips from our social media experts…

Ruby, Digital Content Executive –

  • Use platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to showcase your work, e.g. photos of nail art. It’s free advertising and will give potential customers an idea of your skill and what you can offer. Also, ask clients to tag you in their photos
  • Be active on social – like/comment on relevant posts, especially those in your local area. This will make your page more prevalent and get you noticed
  • Make sure your social media pages have contact details so it’s easy for customers to book – it might be worth also having an option to book via messenger. It’s also worth making sure your business details are up to date in Google.

Paige, Digital Content Coordinator –

  • Stay professional but also let your business’ personality shine through with tone of voice and type of content you post.
  • Post regularly to keep your followers engaged and show you’re active.
  • Make sure you engage with your customers and respond efficiently to any customer queries they may post as this will affect your response rate and possibly your page rating.

Ellie, Marketing Content Coordinator –

  • Plan your posts but don’t be rigid, if you see something that is relevant but hasn’t been planned, post it.
  • Make sure the personality of your business shines through.
  • Stand out –  use your USPs to stand out from the crowd.
  • Always make notes of ideas. Even if the content wouldn’t be relevant for another 6 months, write it down and plot it into your plan at a later date. Great ideas happen when you least expect it.

Does your business use social media? Please share your tips in the comments below and tag us in any posts on Facebook or Instagram so we can see how you enhance your business using social media.


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