Update your tanning service with the St.Tropez express range

As St.Tropez’s most advanced formulation, the revolutionary express tanning range offers a host of benefits to both professionals and their clients. As well as providing innovative depth of tan options for clients, the varied express range also offers an increased earning opportunity for tanning specialists, enabling them to increase their service cost, as well as cater to a wider selection of clients. Discover why adding St.Tropez express to your tanning supplies is guaranteed to enhance your client’s treatment experience, as well as the success of your business.

Depth of tan options

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The standout benefit of the revolutionary express range is no doubt the excellent depth of tan options. Every product within St.Tropez’s express range can create everything from a light, sun-kissed glow to a deep, darker bronze. The versatility of this fabulous range means you can cater to every client’s tanning desires with just one mist, great for smaller salons and businesses that are perhaps short of storage space and aren’t capable of offering a full product range. The express mist is also perfect for mobile tanning technicians as they can carry just one mist with them knowing that they’ll still be able to meet their client’s needs.

Fast developing formulation

As well as being able to achieve a host of finishes, the express range also offers fast development, great for busy clients who do not wish to wait the usual eight hours before washing off their tan. The express mist can be washed off after as little as one hour for a light tan, yet it only requires three hours of wear to achieve a deeper glow, ensuring that all clients, regardless of their desired look, can make the most of fast development. This benefit is also available within the express retail range, with everything from the express bronzing mist to the express face sheet mask offering fabulous results after a short wear time.

Varied retail range

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Alongside the professional express mist, St.Tropez’s express range also consists of a host of retail products, ensuring clients can make the most of the collection’s benefits at home and on the go. Newest to the express family is the revolutionary self tan express face sheet mask, an easy, stress-free way to achieve a streak-free facial tan. Along with this, the range also includes the express bronzing mist, offering a 360˚ spray pattern for ultimate accuracy and the quick-drying express bronzing mousse.

Increased earning opportunity

As a premium treatment, a St.Tropez express spray tan can be offered at a higher price than other spray tanning services. Treatment prices vary depending on location but prices can range up to £25.00 per service, ensuring you’re able to boost your profit whilst offering clients a finish they’ll love.

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