New UniqONE hair mask

Introducing the brand new hair mask from the best-selling UniqONE.

Following the success of the UniqONE hair treatment, Revlon have developed the new UniqONE Super10r hair mask. As the name suggests, this hair mask has ten benefits that will make a huge difference to your clients.

  1. Deep hair damage repair
  2. Intense nourishment
  3. Strengthens hair from roots to ends
  4. Incredible shine
  5. Silkiness and smoothness
  6. Sensational defrizz and detangling
  7. Ultra-hydrating
  8. Quickly absorbs in only three minutes
  9. Weightless finish with natural volume
  10. Non-greasy formula

UniqONE hair mask is a deep and intense treatment that moisturises, nourishes and repairs the hair from the inside to restore it to its original condition. Its exclusive formulation also protects the hair from sun damage, prevents breakage and split ends, while adding body and volume for incredible results.

In order for this amazing treatment to take effect, distribute the UniqONE Super10r hair mask over your clients’ damp hair, leave in for three minutes and rinse to leave your clients’ hair feeling soft and silky.

UniqONE Super10r hair mask is available to buy from Ellisons now.

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