Top five UV and LED lamps for your nail service

As a nail technician, a quality nail lamp is a must-have, ensuring ease and efficiency as well as an excellent finish for the client. Here at Ellisons, we stock a wide variety of ergonomical UV and LED nail lamps that are guaranteed to improve your professional nail service. Read on to discover our five favourite lamps and find out why adding one to your nail business is sure to enhance the quality of your nail treatments.

CND™ LED lamp













Providing fast, uniform curing and easy use, the CND™ LED lamp is the perfect addition to any CND™Shellac™ service. With a sleek, stylish design and modern, pre-set controls, this innovative lamp is ideal for busy salons and spas. No bulb replacement is required, ensuring easy, cost-effective use and the removable power cord ensures easy portability. The CND™ LED lamp is twice as fast as the brand’s previous lamp, ensuring a fast yet professional service every time.

Gellux Mini LED lamp













This compact, high-quality nail lamp is lightweight and easy to transport, making it the perfect choice for mobile nail technicians. The Gellux Mini LED lamp offers optimum curing and features 47 LED lamps and a reflective inner surface for best results. With a bulb life of approximately 20,000 hours, this fabulous lamp is great for busy nail professionals, offering long-lasting yet quality use. The lamp also features a removable base to ensure easy, efficient cleaning, ideal for busy nail technicians.

Daylight NailXpress UV/LED lamp













With three timer settings, a motion sensor and modern, touch screen technology, this professional nail lamp from Daylight will enable you to offer fast, professional nail curing, a must for busy salons and spas. Providing 50,000 reusable hours and 16 UV LEDs, this lamp cures the nails fast and thoroughly, ensuring fantastic results for every client. The removable magnetic reflector tray allows easy cleaning, allowing professionals to ensure a hygienic treatment experience every time.

Star Nails Pro Dual Cure lamp













Lightweight yet effective, this quality UV and LED nail lamp from Star Nails will ensure flawless, even curing, allowing you to create gorgeous gel nails to your clients. Featuring a 50,000 hour life span, this lamp is great for busy nail technicians and, thanks to its lightweight design, it can be easily transported, perfect for mobile use. The LED display and modern hand sensor function enhance the ease of nail treatments and the stylish curved design is sure to compliment any salon.

The Edge UV lamp













This affordable yet quality nail lamp from The Edge is ideal for students or newly qualified nail technicians. Complete with three timer settings and easy bulb replacement, this lamp ensures efficient, easy use. It also offers a stylish, ergonomical design and is ideal for curing both fingernails and toenails thanks to the removable, sliding plate.

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