The tool that will enhance your facial treatments

As a beauty professional, it is essential to have an understanding of your client’s needs and wants prior to performing their treatment. With the help of HydraTest, an innovative tool from BeautyPro, you can measure the hydration and oil levels of your client’s skin prior to their facial service, enabling you to choose the perfect products and treatments for their skin concerns. This handy device utilises the latest Bioelectrical Impendence Analysis (BIA) technology to enable you to accurately study your client’s skin, ensuring you are able to recommend the best products for the best results. Discover the benefits of HydraTest below and why we believe this device is a worthwhile addition to your facial service.

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Improves the accuracy and effectiveness of facial treatments

HydraTest allows you to decipher the current condition of your client’s skin which, in turn, will allow you to choose appropriate products that will help provide a gorgeous, healthy skin finish. It’s all well and good recommending that popular skincare product that everyone’s raving about but everyone’s skin is different and what works for someone may not work for everyone else. HydraTest will enable you to cater every treatment to every client with ease, ensuring the best possible results for the individual.

Fast and easy to use

This compact device provides results in just 3-5 seconds, meaning it can easily be incorporated into your facial service without extending your treatment time. It is simple to use and no training is needed to add this tool to your salon. Due to its small size, HydraTest is easy to carry with you, a plus for mobile therapists. It can also be retailed within your salon for client’s to use at home and on the go.

Shows the success of your service

We recommend using HydraTest prior to and after your client’s skincare service to show the change to the skin and prove that their treatment has been beneficial. This is a great way to convince clients to return to your salon as they will have proof of the fantastic results your treatments provide.

An additional service to add to your treatment menu

As well as incorporating HydraTest into your facial and skincare services, you could also offer separate skin consultations as a stand-alone service. By measuring the current state of your client’s skin, you could create a product list for your client to enable them to carry out a successful skincare regime at home. This list could also consist of products that are available within the retail section of your salon to ensure you also benefit from your recommendations.

Enhance your retail offering

This innovative device isn’t exclusive to just professionals. Clients can also make the most of HydraTest by incorporating it into their own skincare regimes. As a unique tool, we’re sure this product will intrigue clients and help to enhance your retail offering.

Have you used HydraTest? Let us know your thoughts on this innovative device in the comments below. You can also join the conversation over on Facebook and Twitter. HydraTest is available to purchase here.


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