The importance of nail consultations

Consultations are an essential aspect of many treatments but do you offer them prior to a nail service? Surprisingly, many nail technicians don’t include consultations as part of their nail offering, with many salons offering drop-in nail appointments, a great way for clients to change their nail look on the spur of the moment. However, with nail health a huge topic within the current nail industry, professionals are beginning to see the importance of nail consultations and are incorporating this vital step into their daily service.

Why offer a nail consultation?

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From weak, brittle nails to those that refuse to grow, every client has a particular concern in relation to their nails. Offering a consultation prior to their appointment will enable you to use the best products and techniques to ensure you can offer more than just a pretty coat of colour. Today’s nail market offers everything from vitamin-infused basecoats to topcoats that allow the nail to breathe, allowing professionals to cater their products to every client’s individual needs.

A consultation prior to your client’s nail appointment will allow you to offer a quality, bespoke service, ensuring long-lasting results and satisfied clients. A consultation may even allow you to up your service price as you are offering bespoke advice that will enhance the health of your client’s nails, as well as their appearance.

You needn’t offer this service separate to your client’s nail appointment – if it works best for you, extend your appointment slots by 15 minutes so you’re able to examine the nails before starting your service.

What should I consider during a nail consultation

  • Are the nails weak, soft or brittle?
  • Does the client bite their nails or the skin surrounding the nail?
  • Are the nails discoloured or marked?
  • Are they able to grow their nails to a healthy length?
  • Does your client have any particular concerns?

Which products should I incorporate into my nail services?

ORLY Nailtrition

Great for peeling and split nails, ORLY’s Nailtrition contains collagen, wheat protein, keratin and bamboo extract to stimulate nail growth and provide essential nourishment. This two week treatment can be used within your nail service and then retailed to your client so they can continue use at home and improve the quality of their nails.

CND™ Solar Oil

This classic product is a must for CND™Shellac™ technicians but can also be used within any nail service to nourish the cuticle and condition the nails. Alongside improving the health and growth of nails, this Solar Oil features vitamin E and will provide essential nourishment as well as a beautiful scent.

Faby Oxygen basecoat

A must for weak, damaged nails, Faby’s Oxygen basecoat can be applied to the nail prior to colour to ensure a beautiful, long-lasting finish. With anti-ageing protection and essential vitamins and antioxidants, this basecoat strengthens the nail and helps promote durability, allowing clients enjoy their manicure for longer.

ORLY Argan Oil cuticle drops

Not your average cuticle oil, this formula contains argan oil, making it an ideal choice for those with severely dry, brittle nails. This nourishing oil will hydrates nails and cuticles and added vitamin E also promotes nail growth.

Will you be incorporating a nail consultation into your service? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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