The importance of cross-selling

An essential part of any business, cross-selling is a technique that’s guaranteed to increase your profit. From product recommendations to aftercare essentials, tempting clients to make additional purchases is not only beneficial to your salon but also to them. Whether it’s a hair protection spray that’ll prolong your client’s healthy new haircut or a retail polish to match their professional nail colour, it’s important that your offering features a selection of exciting products that will attract the attention of your clients. Discover our top cross-selling tips below and find out how you can maximise the success of your business using this popular technique.

Increase the knowledge of your staff

As a concerned client, the first port of call is often the salon itself. Clients will expect beauty and hair professionals to know the answer to their treatment queries, whether they’d like to know how to maintain their new style at home or what to do if they experience any treatment reactions or irritations. Make sure your staff attend regular training and ensure they are clued up on the treatments they offer. This will ensure they are able to offer effective advice to clients if they do have any concerns before or after their salon appointment. It will also ensure therapists can effectively cross-sell to clients as, with the right knowledge, they will be aware of what products and tools should be used to help clients achieve their desired look at home or banish any post-treatment complications.

Enhance your retail offering

In order to effectively cross-sell, it’s important that your retail offering includes high-quality, relevant products. From on-trend nail shades to skincare kits and gift sets, ensuring that you are stocked up on quality retail supplies will allow your staff to effectively recommend and advertise products to clients. Visit the Ellisons website to view our extensive selection of retail products, a great addition to your supplies.

Reward your staff

Staff incentives are always a great way to ensure targets are met. Offer an incentive to your employees to encourage them to cross-sell. This can be anything from a bonus in their monthly salary or a prize or treat they can enjoy during their time off.

Discuss aftercare, maintenance and post-styling

For many treatments, such as hair removal and eye enhancement services, it is essential that you provide your client with aftercare advice. However, clients can also benefit from post-treatment advice with other services such as hair styling, nail enhancements and tanning and there are many products that can be recommended to them to ensure their look lasts for as long as possible. With professional spray tanning services, you may wish to cross-sell a tan enhancing lotion to your client. St.Tropez’s tan enhancing body moisturiser will ensure an even fade and prolongs client’s colour for up to three days. Cuticle oils and hand creams are also great products to cross-sell to clients after a manicure or nail service, helping to maintain the quality of their finished look.

During your client’s treatment, always mention the products you are using if they can be sold as a retail product. For example, if you use an amazing hairspray in your client’s hair that keeps their finished look in place, you can sell this to them so they can continue to use this product as part of their daily styling routine.

Which cross-selling techniques work for your business? Let us know your top tips in the comments below. You can also join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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