The evolution of the eyebrow

The beauty world has an obsession with eyebrows. With the average woman spending seven minutes a day perfecting her brows and the popularity of treatments such as microblading and eyebrow transplants vastly rising, clients are determined to achieve a perfected brow look. Nowadays, full, thick brows are the all the rage but it hasn’t always been this way. Take a look at how the eyebrow has evolved throughout the decades.


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The swinging sixties was all about dramatic eye looks, with black winged eyeliner and emphasised lashes staples within many women’s make-up routines. In regards to brows, high, rounded arches were all the rage and many would darken their brow hairs with eyeshadow or powders to add emphasis. Twiggy, an icon of this era, opted for this look, as did many celebrities of the time.


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During the seventies, sharper, arched brows were well on trend, with stars such as Diana Ross showing off this brow look. Similar to the sixties, brows were still thin but the shape was more defined.


The arrival of the eighties saw a change in brow trends, with thicker, natural brow shapes overshadowing the former thinner look. Actress Brooke Shields appeared on the May 1981 cover of Vogue sporting full, unruly brows and, with many other stars allowing their once sparse brows to grow out, this look became a key trend of the decade.


During the nineties, the tweezers returned and it was all about the super-thin brow. With the grunge movement inspiring music, film and fashion, it also influenced brow trends, with celebrities such as Drew Barrymore showing off dark, thin eyebrows and clashing, platinum, rooted blonde hair.


The super-thin brow trend continued into the noughties and, beneath perfected tweezered brows were bright eyebrows, a look often seen on singer Christina Aguilera.


Model Cara Delevigne changed the brow game when she was catapulted into fame in 2011. Since her first catwalk appearance at London Fashion Week, the beauty industry has been obsessed with the star’s full, unruly brows, leaving many cursing their past years of over-plucking.


With eyebrow shaping treatments, microblading and even eyebrow transplants now all easily accessible, clients are now able to achieve a variety of brow looks, ensuring everyone can flaunt a bespoke eyebrow look that will suit their facial features. Full brows are still popular within the beauty world, with celebrities such as the Kardashians inspiring many clients to go for the au-natural look.

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