The benefits of Vitamin C

Today is Vitamin C day and looking into the vitamins never ending benefits it’s clear to see why it has a whole day dedicated to it. Providing a whole host of anti-ageing and complexion improving benefits, it’s no wonder the vitamin is being packed into our daily skincare routine through our masks and lotions. Read on how to find out how you can add this superhero vitamin into your salon treatments.

Skin Doctors Vitamin. C day ampoules

The Skin Doctors™ Vitamin C day ampoules are a quick and easy way to add the super vitamin into your client’s treatments, ensuring they get their much needed fix. Apply the serum on your client’s cleansed face and protect them from premature ageing, wrinkles and environmental skin damage. The antioxidants present in the vitamin C will work to instantly smooth, soften and condition the skin leaving it looking bright and healthy.

MineTan 3 in 1 gradual tan lotion

Often therapists are surprised to see just what products Vitamin C is hiding in and are pleasantly surprised to know that not only is it present in serums and creams but also their much loved tanning products. The MineTan 3 in 2 gradual tan will not only give a gorgeous fresh off the plane glow but the Vitamin C will work to soften and moisturise client’s skin, making it the perfect addition to your retail supplies.

CASMARA vitamin vegetable mask

For a luxurious, Vitamin C enriched mask why not add the CASMARA vitamin vegetable mask to your professional offering today? This highly effective and innovative mask contains orange and dill, which are both rich in Vitamin C, these will work together with the algae to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Alongside providing anti-ageing benefits but the cold effect of this mask will provide excellent toning and muscular stimulation.

SBC Vitamin C Gel

Restore life back into client’s skin with this vitamin enriched moisturising gel from SBC. Its light non-sticky formula with added aloe Vera will help to reveal a fresh glowing complexion that clients will love. The Vitamin C will work to fight free radicals and is essential for cellular health, meaning this product is likely to be a favourite amongst both professional and client.

Which of these Vitamin C treats will you be adding to your offering first? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


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