The benefit of express treatments

With many of us leading busier lifestyles than ever before, it feels as if we could all benefit from a few extra hours in the day. From career stresses to not being able to find a babysitter, some clients may struggle to find the time to visit the salon for their treatment. Express services are fast becoming a popular solution for businesses hoping to target busier clients, with many express treatments taking less than an hour. Find out why we believe express treatments are a worthwhile addition to your salon or business below.

Ideal for clients with busy schedules

From full-time mums to clients who work long or unsociable hours, express services are ideal for those who have limited free time. From lash extensions to gel polish treatments, there are a variety of speedy services you can incorporate into your salon to ensure clients with little spare time are able to indulge in their favourite beauty treatment. The Mylash express service from My Beautiful Eyes takes only 30 minutes to perform, allowing you to transform client’s lashes in their lunch break. With CND™Shellac™ offering a fast cure time, as well as amazing five minute removal, you can also offer gel polish application and removal services as an express treatment, allowing clients to get their manicure fix without taking too much time out from their schedule.

Help to boost your revenue

Due to their shorter performance time, professionals will be able to book more appointments for express treatments, which will allow them to boost their profit. With many lash services taking up almost a quarter of a therapist’s day, many professionals can only manage to perform 3-4 services per day however, express treatments allow you to increase this number which, will in turn, increase your profit. Many believe that express treatments may not provide the same effects as longer length treatments however, this isn’t always the case. Treatments such as Mylash express will allow you to provide the same, luxurious lash finish as full length lash treatments but in a much shorter period of time.

Encourages clients to book further treatments

From waxing maintenance to keeping up with our nail regrowth, beauty treatments can be highly time consuming, forcing some clients to opt for DIY treatments that can be easily slotted into their lifestyle. Incorporating express services into your salon is sure to appeal to your clients as, not only will they be able to achieve their desired results faster but, they will also have time for further treatments, allowing them to indulge in a professional service rather than turning to the home hair-removal kit they picked up from their local chemist.

A great option for mobile therapists

Express treatments are also a great idea for mobile therapists who may be limited on time compared to those based in a salon. As mobile therapists spend a lot of their time travelling from one appointment to another, express services enable them to offer more treatments and will allow them to earn more money without extending their working hours.

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