The benefits of ARDELL Magnetic Lashes

The next innovation has arrived with the launch of ARDELL magnetic lashes and we couldn’t be more excited.We can see why everyone’s going crazy for these this season with their whole host of amazing qualities and we think you will too.

Revolutionise your client’s make-up with the ARDELL magnetic lash collection. Containing up to four mini magnets in the lash, the top and bottom lashes stay secure together- a match made in heaven. You may be wondering what makes these lashes the most natural and must-have lash product out at the moment. There are so many reasons why these magnetic lashes are set to change your beauty life.

No adhesive

For starters, the magnetic lash strips clearly require no adhesive which can sometimes hinder your client’s lashes looking as natural as possible. Whilst eliminating the use of adhesive you are also eliminating the additional cost for you and your clients. Unlike traditional false lashes that are one-use only, these lashes are re-usable, a fantastic selling point for those clients that like to recreate this look time and time again. Treat your clients who may be allergic to adhesive and who never would’ve dreamed of wearing false lashes and make their day. The ARDELL lashes are budge proof meaning your client’s lashes will see the whole day and night through depending on their calendar.

Easy application

The clever lock technology of the magnets means that applying false lashes has never been easier, it is completely fool-proof. The utterly lightweight design will leave your client’s forgetting they are even wearing false lashes with the complete natural feel.

Comfortable wear

The pre-curved band enables a perfect contour fit to create a wonderfully natural lash look. Created with 100% human hair to ensure the most beautiful, natural looking lashes, your client’s will be amazed with the results. Perfect for all of you makeup artists who are always on trend and providing styling looks to your clients. Keep them coming back for more with this fabulous, innovative lash look they will all lust after.

Retail Opportunity

These lashes are also ideal to retail to your clients so they can recreate a gorgeous lash look at home ready for an enhanced day look or a dramatic party look. They are incredibly easy to stock and sell, they will have you wondering how you ever coped without them.

Check out the full ARDELL range here and let us know in the comments below how excited you are to try these lashes. You can also join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter and discuss all things lashes.

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