Introduce tantouring to your clients this Christmas.

Contouring quickly become one of the biggest beauty trends of 2015. With stars such as Kim Kardashian and JLO revealing that contouring is a part of their daily make-up regimen, it’s clear to see how this trend has gained momentum.

If your clients are looking for the contoured appearance but don’t have the time to spend hours in the morning darkening and highlighting, Tantouring may be the solution. Using a range of St.Tropez at home care products your clients will be able to achieve a chiselled contoured look.

  1. Simply apply St.Tropez gradual tan light/medium as a base colour to the face and leave to dry.
  2. Then using a darker, tan contour the face applying tan on cheek bones. We would recommend St.Tropez express bronzing mousse as this will allow you to choose the depth of colour.

The contoured look will last between three and five days.

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