Tanning retail essentials for summer

During the summer, many clients aim to achieve a sun-kissed glow to enhance their confidence. Thanks to St.Tropez’s extensive retail range, it’s now easier than ever to create a gorgeous, golden tan, allowing clients to achieve their desired look without the dangers of sun damage. From gradual tanning lotions to the innovative 3 in 1 powder bronzer, St.Tropez offer a variety of products that are sure to enhance your retail offering, whilst also enhancing the ease of your client’s tanning regime. Discover our favourite St.Tropez retail supplies today and provide clients with a selection of products they’ll love.

St.Tropez tinted gradual everyday lotion

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The ultra-hydrating tinted gradual lotion from St.Tropez will add an instant, sun-kissed glow to your client’s skin, whilst also adding moisture and creating a soft, healthy finish. With continuous use, this lightweight lotion will build a gorgeous tan that will last all week long. Clients needn’t worry about streaks and patches as this fabulous lotion is easy to apply, due to its handy guide colour, and offers a streak-free finish.

St.Tropez self tan luxe dry oil

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For a luxurious, golden glow, St.Tropez’s self tan luxe dry oil is the perfect choice. This Brazilian-inspired formula provides intense hydration to the skin and is clinically proven to moisturise for up to seven days, promoting soft, beautiful skin and an even fade. Fragranced with essential oils, this hydrating tanning oil is great for those hoping to add a dewy, healthy glow to skin and is a winner for clients with dryer skin types.

St.Tropez in shower tanning lotion

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The revolutionary in-shower tanning lotion is an industry first, allowing clients to incorporate their tanning regime into their daily showering. This gradual tanning lotion will add an instant tan to the skin but, with consistent use, clients will be left with a beautiful golden glow. Available in both light and medium, this ultra-hydrating lotion is ideal for those short of time and will enhance the ease and speed of your client’s tanning routine.

St.Tropez 3 in 1 powder bronzer

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Offering three complimentary shades in one compact palette, St.Tropez’s 3 in 1 powder bronzer is ideal to create an on the go glow. Clients can sculpt, bronze and highlight their face and body with this fantastic palette, a must for those hoping to add a last-minute glow to their skin. All three powders are highly pigmented, ensuring a defined yet natural tanned look. Advise clients to contour the cheek bones and temples with the sculpting powder, whilst the shimmering highlighter powder can be used to add a sophisticated glow to shoulders, collar bones and shins.

St.Tropez instant tan gloss

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For an instant touch of bronze and a luminous glow, the St.Tropez instant tan gloss is a go-to product. Ideal for last minute events, this instant tanning product provides a commitment-free glow as it washes off with ease using just soap and water. The instant gloss can be used to create a tan or enhance an existing glow, meaning it is a great choice for those hoping to top up their post-holiday tan. Lightweight and easy to apply, this high-quality gloss will create a streak-free finish and is great to accentuate areas, such as legs and arms, on a summer night out.

Which of St.Tropez’s fabulous retail products do you offer within your retail selection? Let us know your favourite in the comments below. You can also join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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