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As much as we love the warmer summer months, there’s no doubt that the heat can have a negative impact on your client’s hair. From humidity-induced frizz to fringes that stick to foreheads, your client’s hair may seem to lead a life of its own as soon as the sun makes an appearance. The secret to well-behaved summer locks is all in the styling. From frizz-controlling sprays to smoothing primers, the extensive EIMI range from Wella Professionals offers a product to suit all of your hair styling needs, ensuring every client can enjoy a perfected hair look this summer. Discover our favourite EIMI products below and find out how they can be used to resolve your client’s hair concerns.

Healthy shine

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Smooth, glossy locks are a rarity in the summer, with the suns heat scorching many client’s strands and causing uncontrollable frizz and flyaways. Alongside frequent use of masks and leave-in treatments, clients should use a quality heat protection spray, especially when using heated tools. EIMI’s thermal image is a great example, offering up to 220ºC heat protection as well as advanced shine. EIMI’s flowing form is also a great addition to your professional and retail collections. This anti-frizz smoothening balm provides both flexible hold and heat protection and will help you create stunning, shiny locks.

Beachy waves

Textured, beach-inspired waves never seem to go out of fashion, with many opting for this gorgeous, laidback look purely due to how easy it is to create. This low-maintenance hair look can be achieved by simply spraying damp or dry hair with a salt or sugar spray. We love EIMI’s ocean spritz, a spray that provides style as well as heat and UV protection. Sugar lift is also a great choice for clients hoping to achieve gorgeous texture and volume. For clients with damaged hair, a salt or sugar spray is a great alternative to heated tools such as tongs and wands and will allow them to give their hair a rest, as well as decrease their styling time.

Laid back braids

From festivals to weddings, the versatile braid can be styled for any occasion. In the summer, a stylish braided up-do is a great way to keep hair off the neck and face. To ensure your client’s look isn’t defeated by humidity, advise that they invest in a setting spray to allow them to enjoy their look all day long. Super set from EIMI is workable until set, ensuring easy styling. It also offers protection against humidity, heat and UV and provides a strong hold. For a more flexible hold, EIMI’s dynamic fix is also a great option.

Gorgeous volume

Summer’s best friend, humidity, is also the culprit when it comes to flat, lifeless hair. Despite endless hairspray top-ups and a vigorous spritz of dry shampoo, your client’s quest for voluminous locks can be never ending. Recommend EIMI’s natural volume styling mousse, an essential for lively, energised hair. This mousse is ideal for blow drying, making it a great addition to your supplies, but can also be retailed to clients to allow them to add a boost to freshly washed hair at home. Apply to damp hair, dry and then style as required for best results. It also offers heat protection, a bonus during the warmer weather.

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