StylPro makeup brush cleaner

Every make-up artist knows the importance of cleaning their makeup brushes. However, with the size of professional kits expanding and the amount of brushes each artists owns increasing, the task of cleaning them all can be a daunting one. Thanks to inventor and star of The Apprentice Tom Pellereau, cleaning makeup brushes is no longer a dreaded chore and it’s all down to his latest offering, the StylPro.

This makeup brush cleaner thoroughly cleanses and dries bristles within seconds, making this usually time consuming task quick and easy. With a variety of different sized silicone collars included, the StylPro promises to be compatible with all makeup brushes, from the slimmest eyeshadow brush to the thickest kabuki brush. It is also suitable for both synthetic and natural bristles.

Inspired by makeup artists, Tom decided to invent the StylPro after so many professionals shared their animosity towards cleaning their brushes. In a shocking consumer survey, the inventor found that 44% of women had never washed their makeup brushes and also discovered that many makeup artists put off washing their brushes in case they were not dry for use on their next job. Thanks to the StylPro, these common problems can now be eliminated.

It may look slightly complicated but the StylPro could not be easier to use:

1) Simply attach your makeup brush to the StylPro using one of the eight included collars.

2) Gently dunk the bristles of the brush into the provided makeup brush cleanser for 10 seconds.

3) Switch the device on in order for the bristles to spin in the cleanser for a further 10 seconds.

4) Once your brush is clean, slowly lift the bristles out of the cleanser and spin for a further 5-10 seconds until dry.

Having tried and tested the StylPro here at Ellisons, we can confirm that this beauty revelation is set to change the lives of makeup professionals and consumers alike. Let us know what your thoughts are on the StylPro in the comments below. You can also join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. To purchase the StylPro, click here.

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