Strengthen your client’s hair with SERIE EXPERT

Damaged hair is more common than ever, with clients often neglecting their strands, disregarding the importance of masques and treatments and overusing heated tools. Many clients dream of strong, resilient hair however, thanks to the new SERIE EXPERT Inforcer range, you can transform fragile hair and create a healthy, conditioned hair finish that clients will love. Discover the innovative Inforcer range today, featuring a shampoo, conditioner and masque, and enhance your professional hair care service.

Who will benefit from the SERIE EXPERT Inforcer range?

Perfect for those with fragile, damaged hair, this range of products promises to strengthen weak strands, whilst also conditioning hair and adding shine. It also features detangling properties, ideal for those with knotty, unmanageable hair.

What are the main benefits of the range?

The SERIE EXPERT Inforcer range provides a host of benefits:

  • Strengthens weak, fragile hair
  • Adds shine to hair
  • Features conditioning properties
  • Enhances the manageability of strands

Does the range include any special ingredients?

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The Inforcer shampoo, conditioner and masque are all enriched with B6 and Biotin, essential ingredients known for their strengthening properties. Biotin also promotes healthy hair growth, great for clients who are hoping to lengthen their strands whilst also maintaining quality and strength.

How shall I use this range?

For best results, we recommend using the SERIE EXPERT Inforcer range together as a full service as the products complement each other and ensure enhanced results. All products are available in retail sizes, allowing you to retail them to clients so they can maintain their new, healthy hair finish at home.

For strong, healthy strands, SERIE EXPERT is a must-have addition to your professional hair supplies and is sure to provide clients with winning results.

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