St.Tropez tan – the new wardrobe of choice

Let your clients choose from the newly formulated wardrobe of choice and discover their ultimate tan.

Luxe mist


Providing a healthy looking golden tan that lasts for days, the latest addition to the St.Tropez mist collection is fragranced with essential oils resulting in a no ‘self-tan smell’. See how the luxe mist was used at London Fashion Week.

Classic mist


Discover the new and improved iconic mist from St.Tropez. The new formulation, again eliminates the ‘self-tan smell’ and also gives your clients a better than ever natural looking sun kissed appearance. Available in 1 and 4L bottles.

Express mist


The most advanced formulation from St.Tropez. Control the depth of tan by washing off the guide colour in: one hour for a light sun kissed glow, two hours for a classic appearance or three hours for a darker deeper bronze. Available in 1 and 4L bottles.

Dark mist


The deepest and darkest formulation from St.Tropez, providing the longest lasting tan. The addition of vegetan premium tanning agent allows your clients to achieve a darker bronze. Available in 1L bottles.

Which mist is the most popular choice with your clients?

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