St.Tropez retail: the perfect addition to your supplies

Explore St.Tropez’s wardrobe of choice and discover a selection of quality retail products that are set to enhance your retail offering. From mists and mousses to lotions and glosses, St.Tropez’s varied range provides a number of different finishes and will suit every client and occasion. Find out which products we’re loving and how you can successful retail them to your client.

Pre-shower mousse

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St.Tropez’s revolutionary pre-shower mousse is an easy, quick and convenient way to tan, providing a natural golden glow from the first application. With innovative, one minute wait technology, this product can easily be incorporated into your client’s everyday routine and is buildable, allowing tanners to develop an even, natural golden glow.

Purity bronzing water mousse and face mist

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This must-have duo are a match made in heaven, allowing clients to achieve a beautifully golden, even tan. The ultra-lightweight texture of both formulas ensures easy, comfortable application and wear and there’s no need to rinse off the skin, great for busy tanners. Both products are infused with naturally derived ingredients, providing the skin with essential nourishment and moisture, and the uplifting, tropical fragrance makes this range the perfect choice for summer. Encourage clients to slip this product into their holiday suitcase to ensure they’re able to top up their glow whilst they’re away.

Tinted moisturiser and primer

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Many clients will struggle to achieve a natural, even glow on their face, with some wary of using certain products on the face and others simply finding their tan dries out and fades far too quickly compared to their body. St.Tropez’s tinted moisturiser and primer is the answer to all your client’s facial tanning woes, thanks to its non-pore blocking, moisturising formulation. This product comes in a universal shade to suit all skin tones, meaning you can retail this product to every client. Providing an instant, sun-kissed glow, this moisturiser provides a flawless finish straight away but is also buildable for those hoping to achieve a deeper tan.

Express bronzing mist

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We all know how much client’s love a St.Tropez express spray tan, giving them to freedom to choose whether they flaunt a subtle glow or a deep, bronzed tan. The St.Tropez express bronzing mist is ideal for home use, thanks to its easy to use, 360˚ spray pattern, ensuring even application every time. This fast absorbing, fuss-free formulation features the same innovative depth of tan technology as the professional mist, making this a must-have for all tan fans.

Instant tan gloss

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A London Fashion Week favourite, the St.Tropez instant tan gloss adds an instant touch of bronze to the skin, great for last minute events or nights out. This lightweight gloss delivers a healthy, golden glow and can be used alone or to enhance an existing tan. Thanks to the commitment-free formula, this product can be washed off easily with soap and water, making it a great choice for new tanners or those who want temporary results. Advise clients to pop this in their backpack for a festival or we also recommend using the gloss to highlight areas such as shoulders, shins and collarbones, perfect for nights out.

Self-tan luxe dry oil

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This Brazilian-inspired, quick drying formula provides the skin with intense hydration, ensuring a long-lasting, gorgeous glow that will fade evenly and leave the skin soft and nourished. With a streak-free formulation and 100% tanning agent, the luxe dry oil self-tan provides a luxurious tanning experience for clients and creates a gorgeous, dewy glow that is ideal for the summer season. The luxe facial oil is also available to allow clients to achieve the same beautiful tanning results on their face.
Please note: this product contains nuts

Which St.Tropez products do you retail to your clients? Let us know your favourites in the comments below. You can also follow us on our social media channels to find out more top tanning tips and product recommendations.

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