St.Tropez Purity face mist: tried and tested

Looking for an ultra-lightweight spray that will not only give you a gorgeous glow but has a fragrance that will transform you to a tropical island? The new St.Tropez face mist from their Purity range is the product you need, read on to find out why Ellisons love it so much and why you should add it to your retail offering immediately.

How do I apply?

Application couldn’t be easier, the ultra-lightweight formula means that the spray can be used as much as desired and either under, or on top of, makeup. Here at Ellisons we found it so easy to apply we’ve added it to our morning routine, and whilst we were dubious about it spoiling our makeup efforts it was so light it just gave a gorgeous sheen all whilst keeping our winged eyeliner perfect.

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How does it wear during the day?

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An ultra-lightweight, micro-spray system allows the formula to apply in an exceptional powder-on-skin sensation whilst creating a gorgeous, healthy looking glow. To achieve a golden glow as quick as possible we took to applying the mist numerous times throughout the day. Alongside providing us with a refreshing burst and delightful fragrance it gave our makeup a lovely dewy looking top-up.

What are the results?

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After a week of 3 applications a day we have achieved our desired colour, a gorgeously natural looking glow. Not only has the mist given us an envious tan but our skin has never looked or felt more moisturised. A tanning product that can be added to our daily routine gets a massive thumbs up from us.

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