St.Tropez new products: tried and tested

The arrival of new St.Tropez products is always an exciting prospect for tanning professionals and their clients. As the UK’s leading tanning brand, St.Tropez are always updating and expanding their wardrobe of choice, allowing tanning technicians to provide a product to suit all, whether the aim is a sun-kissed glow or a deep, dark bronze. So far, 2017 has seen the release of a host of fabulous St.Tropez products, from the innovative express bronzing mist to the comprehensive 3-in-1 bronzing powder. We’ve tried and tested the brand’s new product range to ensure you’re able to advise your clients and offer them a product to suit their needs.

St.Tropez express bronzing mist

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St.Tropez’s express bronzing mist includes the same depth of tan control system as the brand’s popular mousse but ensures easy, fuss-free application. With a 360˚ spray pattern, this innovative mist ensures even application and is perfect for hard to reach areas. We found that this product was much quicker to apply than the mousse and provided fast, lightweight absorption, great for client’s who dislike the feel of product on their skin. This revolutionary mist also ensured long-lasting colour and an even fade. Recommend this must-have product to last-minute tanners or those who find application difficult and you’re sure to be left with a satisfied client.

St.Tropez instant tan gloss

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Ideal for clients hoping to achieve an instant touch of bronze, this instant tanning must-have will become a favourite for special occasions and nights out. Alongside gorgeous colour, the St.Tropez instant tan gloss also provides a beautiful, luminous glow and is great to highlight and define areas such as collar bones, shins and shoulders. With a visible guide colour, this product ensures easy, even application and, although it feels slightly greasy on the skin to begin with, the gloss is touch-dry within one minute. Despite providing instant colour, this commitment-free instant tan washes off easily with warm, soapy water and leaves no residue on the skin, making this gloss a great choice for last minute occasions. Retail the instant tan gloss to those hoping to update their party look with a sun-kissed tan, as well as a gorgeous, healthy glow.

St.Tropez gradual plus sculpt body lotion

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This innovative gradual tanning lotion combines a host of skincare benefits with gorgeous, buildable colour, allowing clients to care for their skin as well as achieve a beautiful, natural-looking tan. From first use, clients will notice added softness to their skin, however, continuous use is needed in order to achieve anything more than a subtle glow. We found this quick-drying formula easy and enjoyable to apply and felt a definite improvement in the hydration of our skin, however, we recommend using once a day continuously to see the product’s full potential. Perfect for new tanners or those looking for a gradual tanning lotion with added benefits, this lotion is a great addition to any salon’s retail offering.

St.Tropez gradual plus luminous face cream

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Similar to the body lotion, the gradual plus luminous face cream includes fantastic skincare benefits, allowing clients to gradually achieve a sun-kissed glow whilst improving the quality of their skin. Compared to other St.Tropez gradual tanning facial products, we found this face cream to be a lot more brightening, with a subtle hint of shimmer that adds an instant, youthful glow. As with the body lotion, the face cream made our skin feel soft and hydrated and provided a subtle colour development. For maximum benefit, we advise using this product morning and night. Retail this effective face cream alongside the gradual plus sculpt body lotion to ensure clients can achieve an all over glow.

St.Tropez 3-in-1 powder bronzer

Clients can sculpt, bronze and highlight their face and body with this fantastic 3-in-1 bronzer. As well as accentuating features such as cheekbones, collarbones, shoulders and shins, this gorgeous palette provides an all over, sun-kissed finish and is great for special occasions or adding more definition to an existing tan. For fans of the previous St.Tropez bronzer, this palette may be a surprise as, instead of a full, matte bronzing powder, the 3-in-1 bronzer offers three shimmering shades that will allow them to create a variety of looks. In comparison to the previous bronzer, this palette is slightly less pigmented and we found that the tone of the bronzing shade has completely changed from a warmer bronze to a deeper, cooler shade. However, due to its versatility and fabulous packaging, this bronzing palette is a great addition to any retail offering and could also be added to your professional supplies to enable you to add the perfect finishing touch to your client’s party tan.

Have you tried any of the new St.Tropez products? If so, let us know what you thought in the comments below. You can also join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


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