St.Tropez instant finishing gloss

As the global leader in tanning, St.Tropez are continually developing and expanding their fabulous, high-quality retail range. This month, St.Tropez are introducing a host of new, innovative products to their wardrobe of choice to ensure you are able to offer your client their perfect tan.

What is the instant tan finishing gloss?

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Discover the new instant tan finishing gloss, the latest edition to the St.Tropez instant tanning family. First showcased at London Fashion Week SS17, this gorgeous gloss adds an instant touch of bronze alongside a long-lasting glossy finish, ideal for your client’s big night out or special occasions. A favourite on the catwalk, this product was used during the SS17 Temperley fashion show to enhance their ‘Sunset Bohemian’ theme and add a healthy, sun-kissed sheen to the model’s skin.

What are the main benefits of this product?

There’s no doubt the instant tan finishing gloss was a huge hit on the runway but we’re sure it’ll also be a favourite amongst your clients. For last minute tanners, this product is ideal as it adds an instant hit of bronze to the skin. The quick-drying formula also ensures it can be easily layered to allow every client to achieve their desired depth of tan. With a lightweight, non-sticky consistency, the instant tan finishing gloss can be easily applied and is comfortable on the skin. As seen at London Fashion Week SS17, this gloss is great for accentuating and highlighting features such as legs, shoulders and collarbones to make your client stand out whatever the occasion. Similar to the existing St.Tropez instant tan range, the finishing gloss provides a commitment-free tan and can be easily washed off with soap and water.

How should my client apply the instant tan finishing gloss?


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1) Clients should apply the gloss to clean, dry skin using the St.Tropez applicator mitt. As a finishing gloss, this product is best applied to features such as legs, shins, shoulders and collar bones to accentuate and highlight.

2) The gloss can then be smoothed and blended into the skin to achieve your client’s desired finish. Once dry, this product can also be layered for a deeper tan.

3) Ensure your client waits until their tan is touch dry before getting dressed.

Who should I retail this product to?

This commitment-free tanning product is ideal for last minute tanners as it provides an instant hit of bronze to the skin, as well as a beautiful glow. It is also perfect for special occasions due to its highlighting properties that are guaranteed to make your client’s features stand out.

The St.Tropez instant tan finishing gloss can also be retailed to clients after their spray tan, as this product is great to enhance an existing tan or top up your client’s colour as it begins to fade. Why not also recommend to those who are jetting off on their holidays as this gloss is a great top up product for a natural tan and will prolong your client’s sun-kissed holiday glow.

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