St.Tropez: how an idea becomes reality

2018 has been a treat for St.Tropez lovers. From the summer launch of their much-loved Purity range to the more recent release of the new extra dark professional mist, St.Tropez keep their loyal fan’s tans in check by regularly delivering product innovations that excite both consumers and professionals alike.

We caught up with St.Tropez’s Product Marketeer Amy Pennington, to find out what inspires the brand, where they get their ideas from and how they turn and idea into reality.

What inspires you when creating a new product?

We tend to be inspired from a variety of different sources but we’re constantly looking at the market trends and consumer insights to find gaps in the market.

What is the process for introducing a new St.Tropez product?

In the New Product Development team, we’re always coming up with new ideas! We run these past the wider team to make sure they are both feasible and everyone is on board.


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Do you have a process for testing the new products?

All St.Tropez products are tested internally until we reach a product we are happy with and up to our high standards! Once we have a product we’re happy with, we carry out user trials on real life consumers to make sure they love the product as much as we do!


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Which of the most recent St.Tropez launches is your favourite?

I love the Purity face mist. It’s the easiest product to apply and the fragrance is so tropical!

Are there any exciting new products set to launch soon?

The extra dark professional mist has just launched. It’s the professional version of the extra dark mousse and creates an extra dark tan that looks so natural! We’re also working on some exciting new projects for next year so watch this space!

What’s your fave St.Tropez product? Let us know in the comments below.

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