St.Tropez gradual tan plus

As the global leader in tanning, St.Tropez are continually developing and expanding their fabulous, high-quality retail range. This month, St.Tropez are introducing a host of new, innovative products to their wardrobe of choice to ensure you are able to offer your client their perfect tan.

What’s new to the St.Tropez gradual tan plus range?

St.Tropez’s award-winning Gradual Tan Plus range has introduced two new additions to the collection, with the brand new sculpt and glow body lotion and the luminous veil face cream. Both products contain toning properties to sculpt and define the skin after consistent use, providing clients with a youthful appearance as well as a gorgeous natural glow.

What are the main benefits of these products?

Both products provide clients with a gradual golden hue that instantly lifts the skin to create a luminous, healthy complexion. Clients who want to achieve a sun-kissed tan, as well as soft, sculpted limbs should use the Gradual Tan sculpt and glow lotion, a lightweight, easy to apply product that can be used as an everyday moisturiser. With tan toning complex and added Shea butter, this innovative formula will build natural colour and tighten, tone and soften the skin with continual use, great for those with lifeless, sallow skin or those who want to combat the effects of ageing and busy, hectic lifestyles. With cosmetic powders that refract light, this hydrating lotion will blur any imperfections and will provide your client with a perfected skin finish with consistent use.

Clients can also use the luminous veil face cream alongside the sculpt and glow body lotion to ensure they achieve the same benefits for their face. This lightweight cream also builds a gradual, sun-kissed tan while instantly brightening the complexion for a youthful glow. With continuous use, this Hydraglow infused formula will lift and tone the face, great to ensure a youthful appearance. The gentle formula of the luminous veil face cream is specially formulated for the face and will not block pores or appear greasy on the skin.

How should my client apply these products?

1) Your client should apply daily or as required to clean, dry skin. For body, the lotion should be applied in firm, circular motions. For face, the cream should be applied in upwards, circular motions, not forgetting the neck and décolletage areas.

2) Clients should wait until touch dry before getting dressed or applying make-up to the face.

3) Hands should be thoroughly washed after application.

4) Clients should allow 4-8 before getting wet

5) Regular exfoliation is recommended to maintain tanned skin

Who should I retail these products to?

The sculpt and glow body lotion and luminous veil face cream can be retailed together to ensure clients receive the full benefits to both their face and body. These products are ideal for clients who want to gradually build a natural glow while also enhancing the quality of their skin.

They can also be retailed to older clients who are conscious of ageing skin or sagging or those wanting to lift a lifeless, sallow complexion. With added tan toning complex, these effective products will sculpt and define skin with continual use, ensuring a lifted, youthful appearance.

Why not recommend this product to your regular gradual tanning clients to enable them to achieve an improved skin finish alongside their usual gradual tan look.

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