St.Tropez autumn/winter retail essentials

Summer is coming to an end however, clients still crave a golden glow during the cooler autumn/winter season. St.Tropez’s varied retail offering features a selection of high-quality products that will help clients create a gorgeous tan for any occasion, from every day wear to the upcoming party season. Discover our favourite St.Tropez products for autumn/winter below and update your retail offering for next season.

For an everyday glow

During the colder months, your client is likely to suffer from dry skin. Not only is this uncomfortable but it can make tan application a nightmare, causing unsightly patchiness. St.Tropez’s gradual everyday lotion is the perfect solution because, with a nourishing, ultra-hydrating formula, it ensures skin is soft and smooth whilst also building a gradual, sun-kissed glow that clients will love. This quick-drying lotion is great for everyday wear and can be used as a daily moisturiser, allowing tan fans to get their daily fix of colour whilst also hydrating their skin. Available in light/medium and medium/dark, this lotion is suitable for a variety of skin tones and is a must for those hoping to maintain their summer glow.

For easy tanning

A lengthy tanning regime is the last thing clients want during cold, dark winter mornings. Thanks to St.Tropez, clients can combine tan application with their morning shower with the revolutionary in-shower tanning lotion. For best results, clients should lather the lotion into their skin and wait three minutes before rinsing. With daily use, clients can achieve a beautiful glow and, with two shades available, this innovative product is suitable for a number of skin tones. The ultra-hydrating formula also adds moisture to the skin, great for the colder weather.

For party season

Ideal for last minute events or those who don’t have time for a spray tan, the instant tan gloss from St.Tropez provides the skin with an instant touch of bronze, as well as a luminous glow, great for party season. This easy to apply gloss can be used all over the body for a luxurious skin finish or can also be used to highlight areas such as legs, shins, collar bones and shoulders. With a commitment-free formulation, this product can be easily washed off with soap and water, great for temporary tanners. It can also be layered to ensure clients can achieve their desired look, whether they want a subtle hint of colour or a golden glow.

For longer lasting results, St.Tropez’s self tan luxe dry oil is sure to impress. This luxurious, Brazilian-inspired formulation provides intense hydration for up to seven days, great for the colder months. It also provides the skin with a stunning, streak-free tan and a luxurious sheen, ideal for special occasions and evening events.

Which St.Tropez product do your clients love during the autumn/winter season? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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