St.Tropez 3-in-1 bronzing powder

As the global leader in tanning, St.Tropez are continually developing and expanding their fabulous, high-quality retail range. This month, St.Tropez are introducing a host of new, innovative products to their wardrobe of choice to ensure you are able to offer your client their perfect tan.

What is the 3-in-1 bronzing powder?

The beauty world has seen the rise of contouring and highlighting over the past year, with celebrities and clients alike all showing off perfectly sculpted make-up looks. As the leading tanning brand, St.Tropez constantly strive to provide tanners with the latest products and the release of their 3-in-1 bronzing powder is sure to help clients achieve the popular contoured look. With three complimentary shades, this compact bronzing palette will sculpt, bronze and highlight the face and body, allowing your client to enhance their tanned look or create an instant natural glow.

What are the main benefits of this product?

This 3-1 bronzing power includes three shades, making this compact palette the perfect versatile product for any occasion. All three shades can be used individually to sculpt, bronze and highlight specific areas of the face or they can be used together to create a beautiful, glowing bronze. As well as enhancing your client’s facial features, this product can also be used on the body.

First seen at London Fashion Week SS17, the 3-in-1 bronzing powder was used during the House of Holland fashion show to highlight and accentuate model’s collarbones and shoulders for a natural, sun-kissed glow. Your client can replicate this by gently dusting the powder onto these areas for a fabulous, healthy glow.

As well as being retailed within your salon or business, this compact powder can also be added to your own professional kit to ensure you are able to provide your client with a gorgeous glow. Whether you are a tanning professional or a make-up artist, this versatile bronzing powder will make a great addition to your product collection.

How should the 3-in-1 bronzer be applied?


Your client can swirl a bronzing powder brush into all three powders and gently dust across their cheekbones, temples and jawline for a healthy, sun-kissed glow. Each powder shade can also be used individually to contour, bronze and highlight the skin.


Shoulders, collarbones and even legs can be highlighted and accentuated using this 3-1 bronzing powder. Use a bronzing powder brush to gently dust the product across these areas and add a gorgeous glow.

Who should I retail this product to?

Ideal for keen tanners, the St.Tropez 3-in-1 bronzing powder is a great addition to any tanning collection and can be used to emphasise and highlight an existing tan. This powder can also be retailed to clients who are new to tanning to allow them to experiment with light, buildable colour that can be easily washed off.

You can also retail this versatile bronzing powder to make-up fanatics or fans of the existing St.Tropez bronzer, as this new and improved replacement is guaranteed to become a firm favourite amongst bronzer lovers.

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