Spray tans or sunbeds – which should you offer?

Even with the dangers of sunbeds splashed across every newspaper and magazine article there’s still salon owners asking should I provide spray tans or sunbeds? At Ellison’s we’re pro spray tans and have rounded up some top reasons as to why you should be to!

Health Benefits

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One of the most obvious reasons for opting against sunbeds and stocking up on a top-quality spray tanning system is the health benefits for your client and their skin. Sunbeds emit ultraviolet (UV) rays which can cause premature skin ageing and increase the risk of developing skin cancer, spray tan solution on the other hand can be hydrating, anti-ageing all whilst providing a gorgeous glow. Buy everything you need to get started with a mobile starter kit like the St.Tropez mobile pro kit.

Instant Glow

Building up a tan with sun beds takes a few visits and that means more harmful rays for your client’s skin, however one of the many benefits of a spray tan is an instant colour especially with MineTan solutions, reveal sun-kissed skin after as little as one hour. So choose spray tan and rescue client’s last minute plans with a tanning treatment that’ll turn heads.

Choose the colour

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One session too many on the sunbeds and your client will be redder than CND™’s Wildfire polish and let’s face it that’s not a good look for anyone, with a spray tan however your client can choose the colour and the depth of it. For brides-to-be opt for the Sienna X touché de soleil, containing 6% DHA it’ll give a healthy touch of colour, for those clients who dare to go dark choose the MineTan Absolute mist.

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