Something for a rainy day

A very handy rainy day hair survival kit to help your luscious locks survive the cruel British weather.

Raining one minute and sunny the next, it makes it almost impossible to decide on an outfit for the day, let alone what to do with your hair. By following these helpful tips you might just make it to work looking as fabulous as when you left the house.

Equave shine serum

This convenient serum has a lovely formula that will control unwanted frizz brought on by a sudden downpour, as well as leaving your hair feeling soft and silky.

Hair Tools grips

Simple but effective.  These robust hair grips will keep everything exactly where you want it to be, regardless of how fierce the wind might blow.

Cricket combs

A must have in every ladies’ hand bag, our selection of Cricket combs can help you control even the most extreme bad hair day, brought on by the unforgiving British winter weather.

Macadamia oil spray 

The award winning Moroccan oil Macadamia healing oil spray provides intense nourishment, as well as amazing shine and manageability.  This handy bottle could be your saving grace in a hair emergency.



That’s our rainy day survival kit.  Four must have products that will help combat whatever any unpredictable weather decides to throw at you.  Just remember to grab your brolly on the way out; products can only get you so far, they won’t make you waterproof.

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