How to revive your client’s skin

As we settle into 2018, New Years resolutions are kicking in and everybody is getting back to normality and recovering from the festive season. This blog will help you understand which masks are suited to each skin type and concern. Whether it’s dry, oily, blemish/acne prone or anti-aging, we have you covered. All the products are great as an addition to your treatments or as part of your retail offering so clients can enjoy luxurious, professional results in the comfort of their home. Read on to find out our top tips and which masks we recommend for the much needed “skincare revival” season.


Introduce cream and hydrogel masks to your skincare treatments to offer the best results for your clients. Dry skin is very common and with countless products on the market, it can be difficult to select the most effective ones. The Kaeso hydrating cream mask helps to restore moisture and rebalance the skin whilst stimulating circulation to ensure skin is feeling supple. It also benefits from extracts of antioxidant balm mint and hydrating cotton to offer an extra boost. Alternatively, another great option is the gold hydrogel mask from Skin Republic, which is perfect for dry skin types. It contains cleansing sea water that’s highly nourishing, whilst working as an anti-bacterial agent ensuring a smooth, clear complexion. This gold hydrogel mask has a thin gel form and easily locks in moisture to deeply penetrate your client’s skin – the perfect addition to your professional services.


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The three best masks for oily skin are peel off, clay and exfoliating. Peel off masks will brighten, hydrate and work to remove any antioxidants within your client’s skin. Another advantage is they fully absorb into the skin whilst drying. The black diamond mask from BeautyPro is a great option for oily skin. It contains activated charcoal to specifically detoxify the skin by reducing excess oil. It also targets blackheads and acne issues with its stimulated collagen production to reduce wrinkles. Once the treatment is complete, your client’s skin will feel firmer and radiant for a beautiful, healthy finish. Another option is a clay mask, which works to absorb excess oil and the skin’s natural sebum, leaving the face feeling balanced and smooth. The 3D clay purifying mask from BeautyPro is perfect and made with a mess-free clay formulation. It deep cleanses the skin whilst ensuring optimum hydration, skin clarity and elasticity. In less than 60 minutes, pores are minimised and complexion is left beautiful. This is great to enhance your treatments or to offer as part of your retail range.

Blemish/ Acne

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Eliminate issues for your clients with blemish/acne prone skin and advise clay and exfoliation type masks. A fantastic option is the detoxifying cleansing mask from BeautyPro. It’s a popular, innovative mask that will bubble and froth to effectively cleanse the skin and remove oil and dirt from pores. It ensures to hydrate and moisturise the skin and is perfect for clients with oily or acne-prone skin types. This quality sheet mask is ideal for use within professional facials or can also be retailed for clients to use at home. A clay option is the 3D clay lifting mask from BeautyPro. This mess-free, effective treatment tightens pores and brightens complexion. Enriched with Calamine, its soothing properties are perfect for irritated and troubled skin.


A vital ingredient infused within anti-aging products is vitamin C due to the anti-oxidants that help to rejuvenate the skin. Peel off masks are also highly effective. Check out the brightening Vitamin C mask from Skin Republic. This innovative sheet mask includes vitamin C and E, along with seven essential plant extracts to result in a healthy, radiant finish. It also contains coffee bean extract to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Advise your client to wear the mask for 15-20 minutes for best results. Another great option is the firming mask from Kaeso, a luxurious creamy face mask that helps tone, firm and smooth the appearance of fine lines. With added benefits of white nettle and pomegranate, skin will be noticeably improved through soothing and moisturising qualities.

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