Skin Republic Youthfoil: tried and tested

It’s no secret that sheet mask sales have soared over the last two years. Whether your client is eager to reduce signs of ageing or hoping to hydrate and refresh their skin, there’s a sheet mask to suit every need. As the newest mask on the block, the Youthfoil sheet mask from Skin Republic offers something different. Alongside a host of effective ingredients, this sheet mask is backed in foil, ensuring to lock moisture into the skin, great for those desperate to banish dryness and dehydration. Find out our thoughts on the innovative Youthfoil sheet mask and why we believe it is sure to enhance both your professional and retail offering.

What are the benefits of the Youthfoil sheet mask?

This mask promises to deliver a surge of youth-activating concentrate, reducing visible signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. With antioxidants to protect the skin against environmental pollutants and a double dose of Hyaluronic Acid, this foil-backed sheet mask will lock essential moisture into the skin to banish hydration and promote a soft, smooth appearance.

Is the mask easy to apply?

One of the many benefits of sheet masks is how easy they are to apply and Skin Republic’s Youthfoil doesn’t differ. Split into two separate parts, this mask offers super easy application and is of a generous size to fit all face shapes. This mask is all about moisture so it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of excess serum when opening the packet. As the mask is very damp, it was quite difficult to unwrap but, once this was done, application was easy. Excess serum can be rubbed into the edges of the face, the neck and décolletage.

How does the mask feel on the skin?

The mask felt instantly cooling and the scent was pleasant and fresh but not too overpowering. As the mask was very damp, it did slip slightly so advise your clients to lie or sit still during use.

Were there any immediate skin improvements?

After just 15 minutes of wear, skin felt refreshed, hydrated and smooth. The face also had a healthy glow and there was no need to moisturise after use due to how soft the skin felt. However, avoid rubbing too much excess serum into the skin as over-use can cause a sticky skin finish.

The next day, skin still showed off a youthful glow. It still felt soft and hydrated and the overall appearance of the skin looked brightened and refreshed.

Who is this mask for?

As it offers a variety of benefits, this versatile mask can be offered and retailed to a number of different clients. Thanks to its anti-ageing properties, the Youthfoil mask is ideal for those hoping to banish fine lines and wrinkles however, it is also a great choice for those suffering with dry, dehydrated skin.

Perfect for the upcoming winter months when skin can experience dullness and a lack of moisture, Youthfoil will prove a worthy addition to your retail offering, helping clients to achieve a healthy, hydrated glow this season. It can also be used within skincare services within your salon and offers easy, efficient use.

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You can add this mask to your professional or retail offering here.

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