Skin Republic masks tried and tested

We all lust after clear and fresh looking skin and often the best way to get that instant skin boost is by putting on a face mask, even more specifically a sheet mask. These are everywhere right now, if you haven’t tried them, we’re sure you’ve heard about them. There will be no doubt your clients will want to know what all the fuss is about. We are sure you’ll have noticed your facial treatments are booking up quicker and that’s all thanks to this revolutionary take on a standard DIY face mask. A sheet mask is designed to fit over your clients face in one go, with holes for the eyes, mouth and nose, ensuring all areas of the face are covered.

Whether this be a facial at the spa or an at home fix we are always looking for the newest, most beneficial face masks that will have us looking 10 year younger in minutes.

Collagen hydrogel mask

Be sure to achieve a beautifully even complexion with the Collagen hydrogel mask. This super-hydrating sheet mask claims to instantly reveal a radiant, glowing complexion. The nutrient packed Sea Minerals are designed to nourish and hydrate. We all know Argan Oil is good for the hair, but now we can see its use doesn’t stop there. Specifically formulated in the sheet mask you can see its wonderful softening and hydrating properties work wonders on the face also whilst reducing the visible signs of ageing. Revolutionary haircare for skincare.

Paige, our Digital Content Coordinator put the mask to the test.

“I found the mask incredibly easy to use, it came in two sections for the top and bottom half of my face. I left it on for 30 minutes whilst catching up with my favourite show so the time just flew. It felt soothing on the skin and I didn’t feel like I wanted to quickly take it off like I do with some face masks. My skin looked noticeably clearer and brighter after I peeled off the face mask. I was left with a lovely dewy complexion, similar as to if I had just had a facial. You can definitely see results immediately.”

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Retinol hydrogel mask

The Retinol hydrogel mask is designed to instantly calm and soothe stressed out skin and consequently will reduce any redness. Retinol helps restore the skins natural collagen, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The added Chamomile reduces redness for an even, bright and healthy complexion.

We wanted to try this out for ourselves and see for ourselves its calming properties at work. Here’s how our UX Manager, Nav got on:

“I tried out the Retinol mask yesterday. It was a bit tricky to get on as it was a bit slimy – It actually fell off my face onto the carpet when I first put it on (oops!). After that I loved it! It was great that it came in two parts, made it easier to apply and comfortable to wear. I left it on for about 40 minutes while I was watching some TV so it felt secure on my face. After I removed it my face felt soft, moisturised and very glowy, I loved it! I really liked that I didn’t have to wash my face afterwards, and I could rub the rest of the residue into my neck.”

Seaweed hydrogel mask

This innovative seaweed hydrogel sheet mask is a revolution in the skincare world. Seaweed is packed with copious anti-aging actives that are scientifically formulated to enhance skin cell regeneration restoring lost elasticity and suppleness. Ideal for your more mature clients who are lusting after a youthful glow. This potent anti-aging formulation helps to repair past damage and promotes the production of Collagen for younger, suppler skin.

Ruby, our Digital Content Executive, trialled the seaweed mask to see how well it worked.

“I loved using the Skin Republic seaweed mask. It’s a two part mask which makes it really easy to apply. The mask has a gel layer which was really soothing on the skin and made the mask stick to my face quite well. There was quite a lot of excess liquid in the packet and on the mask once I’d applied it but this can be easily massaged into the neck area. I really liked the scent of the mask too as it was fresh but not too overpowering. The mask was really comfortable to wear, although it did start to peel and slip after around 15 mins of wear which was a bit uncomfortable. After removing the mask, my skin was really soft and glowy and felt really refreshed. The next day, my skin looked brighter and calmer and was still super soft.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this mask. I think the wear time is quite long (I only wore mine for around 20 minutes and still saw great results) but I thought it was really easy to use and made my skin instantly softer and clearer.”

Green tea hydrogel mask

Rich in antioxidants Green Tea prevents premature ageing and is a popular go-to ingredient when choosing a skincare product. Packed with Hyaluronic Acid, this works to restores lost moisture in dehydrated skin giving a plumper, healthier appearance. Skin appears smooth, soft and luminous after use.

Ellie, our Marketing Content Coordinator, tried it out for herself. Here’s what she thought:

“I tried the green tea mask which is good for calming the skin. My skin was irritated and red before I used the mask. My first impression of the mask was it was very slippery and does slide off the face if you are not still. The mask felt really hydrating and cooling. When I took it off my skin felt amazing, the redness had gone down and it had really soothed my irritated skin. I will definitely use this mask again and really recommend it for all skin types. I also think it would be the perfect addition to any treatments as it leaves you feeling fresh and hydrated.”

Overall, we are loving the Skin Republic sheet masks here at Ellisons. Which one are you most excited to try on your clients? Join in the conversation over on our Facebook or Twitter.

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