New Skin Republic: tried and tested

Introducing the new face mask range by Skin Republic, each with a variety of benefits to suit your clients everyday skincare needs.

These masks are the perfect opportunity for use during treatments but also to showcase and sell these to your clients as retail products to try at home. Plus, there are three new masks which are specially formulated for your male clients.

We tried a few of the Skin Republic face masks in the new range and here’s what we thought:

Skin Republic platinum + diamond peel off mask











The platinum + diamond peel-off face mask from Skin Republic primarily focuses on anti-ageing with the benefits of platinum and the deep cleansing properties of a peel-off face mask. Combining this with the exfoliating properties of a 6 Fruit Acid Formula, skin is left feeling silky smooth and luminous.

Ellie, our Marketing Content Coordinator, let us know her thoughts on the mask:

“I tried the Platinum + Diamond powder peel-off face mask and I loved it! The squeezable packet made it really easy to apply and was a lot less messy than other masks I’ve tried. The mask was tight on the face when it was drying but still comfortable and peeling it off was so satisfying! After using the mask my skin felt soft, looked radiant and firm. There is loads of product left in the packet so I am looking forward to using it again! Great value for money.”

Skin Republic charcoal peel-off mask












This mineral rich charcoal face mask from Skin Republic has deep cleansing properties for a glowing, clear complexion. It works to refine skin’s natural texture to reveal ultra-soft skin your clients will love.

Paige, our Digital Content Coordinator, gave the mask a go and told us what she thought:

“I was so excited to try this mask as I love the whole ‘peel-off’ concept. I love how it feels like you’re pulling out all the impurities and blockages in your pores, to reveal a layer of fresh, revitalised skin which gives you a glowing complexion. There’s nothing better than doing a face mask before bed and letting your skin breathe. Putting on the mask was easy as it comes in a squeezy sachet so you can apply as much as you want and where you want to focus on the face. There is enough product for three applications which means you can treat yourself to multiple pamper nights. With deep cleansing properties I felt my skin was glowing when I peeled it off. I would definitely recommend this mask for ultra-soft, glowing skin!”

Skin Republic 24k gold peel-off mask

The 24k gold peel-off face mask by Skin Republic combines the anti-ageing benefits of gold with the deep cleansing properties of a peel-off mask for spa-like results. Rich in age-defying minerals and fruit extracts, the mask intensely nourishes and smoothes for a luminous complexion your clients will want to recreate time and time again.

Jennie, our Digital Content Coordinator, tried the new face mask and let us know what she thought:

“I was amazed at the results of the 24k gold peel-off face mask, which, when first applied, felt really soothing on my face. The mask contains three applications, which I thought would be really good value for money for clients. The mask dried pretty quickly, and it was really easy to peel off in one go. Afterwards, my skin felt soft, whilst looking plump and bright. I will definitely be trying the other Skin Republic masks in the new range!”

Skin Republic pink clay mud sheet


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The pink clay mud mask by Skin Republic helps to soothe skin and absorb toxins without over drying. The mask is also infused with goji berries and white mulberries which helps to fight again free radicals which causes premature ageing. The mud sheet helps to instantly boost radiance and reduce the appearance of pigmentation, making it the perfect addition to your professional beauty or retail offering.

Nav, our UX manager, told us her thoughts when she tried the mask:

“I found it really easy to apply – it was sturdy and not as slippy as other masks I have tried. The mask didn’t peel off from the plastic as easily as I expected though, so I had to keep hold of it when I was applying it to my face. As soon as it was on it felt secure, and I felt the mask (and my skin!) tighten after minutes. As the mask dried it got stiffer, which made it slightly uncomfortable to talk or drink, so it’d be better to apply and just sit back and relax for 30 mins. After removing the mask and washing my face with warm water, my skin felt very fresh and I could see a change in my complexion.”

Skin Republic energising face mask sheet for men

This hydrating facial sheet mask delivers an energising boost to dry and tired skin. Containing active ingredients CoQ10, Vitamin C and E to help reduce the visible signs of ageing, fine lines are visibly smoothed to leave skin looking firm and healthy. This two piece mask is designed especially for men and it comes in two sections making it beard friendly and easy to use.

Charlie tried the energising face mask sheet and here’s what he thought:

“I was looking forward to trying my Skin Republic Energising Mask as my face was feeling fatigued. Unlike some face masks for men, Skin Republics is beard-friendly, and it’s true – it was completely painless. The mask is split into two parts, each covering the upper and lower part of your face. This makes the mask much easier to apply. After leaving the mask on for 15-20 minutes, my face felt totally revitalised. It was such a simple application and yet the result was so effective. I’m looking forward to my next Skin Republic experience!”













Shop our range of Skin Republic masks now here, which are currently on 3 for 2.

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