Six reasons why you should switch to Phd™ Safewax

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Therapists worldwide are already enjoying the benefits of Phd™ Safewax in spas, salons and colleges. And with the demand for a smoother, quicker and hygienic waxing solution increasing, here are six reasons why you should make the switch too.

1. You get the full service

When you switch over to Phd™ Safewax, you’re not just buying a product without guidance; you’ll be given a full training programme, in addition to the all the various promotional accessories, so you can showcase Phd™ across your spa or salon.

2. Easy application

Quite simply, wax can’t flow uphill; which is why Phd™ Safewax is designed with a booster chamber to make sure the wax exits the tube with ease, making treatments faster and hassle free.

3. Spoilt for choice

Different areas of waxing require different amounts of attention.  That’s why with Phd™ Safewax you get three different sized applicators: regular for legs and large areas, a mini applicator for underarms and intimate areas and a precision applicator for facial and eye work.

4. Ready when you are

The Phd™ unit heats up wax faster than other waxing units.  Taking less than 20 minutes, whereas most units usually take up to 45 minutes, Phd™ will increase productivity across your business with a more efficient service.

5. Patented Technology

What makes Phd™ so special is that it is the only system which enables therapists to eliminate the risk of cross-infection.  Thanks to its unique patented gate, the applicator ensures wax that has been used on a client cannot get back into the tube.

6. Neat and tidy

With the capacity to hold pre and post lotions, wax strips, three tubes of wax and your applicator selection; the tidy Phd™ intro kit has everything you need for your treatment stored in one compact unit. And it certainly looks the part in any spa or salon.

So there you have it.  You are clued up on the easiest and safest waxing application on the market.  Get your Phd™ Safewax system and your free Ellisons academy course by heading over to our website.

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