Sienna X 1 hour tan: tried and tested

Here at Ellisons we are not surprised to see that Sienna X have managed to nail the 1 hour tanning trend with their latest launch, perfect for tailoring and topping up tans between appointments, these products are a must have addition to your offering. We’ve tried them out so you know what to look forward to!

Sienna X 1 hour tinted mousse

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It’s hard to believe that a one hour ten is going to produce a worthwhile glow let alone allow you to tailor it your client’s exact tanning needs, however the Sienna X 1 Hour self-tan tinted mousse does just that. The first thing worth noting is how easily the mousse glides onto the skin, this along with the beautifully dark guide colour make for a flawless application. At Ellisons we wanted to truly test the 1 hour hype so after just 60 minutes we showered and a gorgeous deep bronze was revealed. Infused with Pomegranate and Vitamin E, known for their antioxidant and moisturising properties, the mousse smells delightful and there is no sign of that tell-tale biscuit smell.

Sienna X hour tinted mist

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For those clients who want a light as air formula paired with an express glow we highly recommend introducing the 1 hour tinted mist to your professional and retail offering. The 360° nozzle meant that we could reach all parts of our body, even the heard to reach places, ensuring an absolutely flawless finish. Holding 15-20cm away from the skin meant that the beautiful bronze guide colour was even and visible, if you’re nervous about it being even use a tanning mitt to help. To decide whether the tan would cater to every client’s skin tone we left this one on for 3 hours. The result? A deliciously deep tan to rival one from a 2 week holiday.

Secret Tan primer

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Many products claim to hide those tell-tale signs of tanning but still leaves us with those awful dark patches on our elbows and knees, however the Sienna X Secret Tan Primer is perfect for ensuring clients have that gorgeous glow without showing how they got it. A little goes a long way with this super light, moisturising formula, we rubbed in a small amount which covered our elbows, hands, knees and ankles. After applying and washing off our Sienna X tan we noticed that the primer had worked a treat and there were no dark or dry patches. We highly recommended adding this to retail and professional offering to ensure flawless results time after time.

So we can confirm that the Sienna X 1 hour range is perfect for any client no matter what skin tone or desired colour, which ones have you added to your offering?

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