Discover Revlon, a brand that encompasses colour, styling, hair care and hair treatment products.

Uniq one


A unique concept in hair care, this balm offers ten real effects for hair, from shine and frizz control to hair colour protection and UVA/UVB filters. Uniq one helps to repair and protect hair to leave your clients with a full, long-lasting hair style.



Revlonissimo achieves luminous hair with a uniform finish and excellent tenacity. It’s a 3-dimensional hair colour featuring nano-molecular technology which gives deeper penetration to the centre of the hair cortex, slowing down pigment growth, for a vibrant and long lasting colour. Visit our website to choose from 128 radiant colours.



Orofluido is an exquisite blend of argan, cyperus and linseed oils. Orofluido original is the beauty ritual for hair leaving it soft, manageable, incredibly silky and with spectacular shine. It is also available in a full range of luxurious formulas with colour protection that is suitable for all your client’s hair types.

If your client’s hair is looking a little frizzy and worse for wear then experience the alluring aura of the exotic East and restore the hair’s splendour with Orofluido Asia. Made with a stunning blend based on treasured Asian ingredients and an exquisite fragrance, Orofluido Asia has been specially formulated for those with dry, damaged and frizzy hair to smooth, condition and repair hair.

Revlon 45 days


Revlonissimo 45 days is a mild sulphate free shampoo and conditioner that nourishes and moisturises hair, fighting the dryness and brittleness that is typical of treated hair. What makes Revlonissimo 45 unique is that is helps to maintain brightness through the build-up of pigments that compensate for the gradual loss of colour.

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