Responding to lash extension myths

There are several myths associated with lash extension treatments and they may be the reason a handful of your clients have reservations. Do they make your natural lashes shorter? Can I still wear mascara? We put all the myths to bed and settle the score with the facts based on using My Beautiful Eyes (MBE).

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Clients need to give their lashes a break from extensions? True or false? –

If the lash artist is fully qualified and properly trained in their profession then there is no need to worry about giving your lashes a break. MBE training ensures thorough education following the professional developed technique for this reason.

Educated lash artists will only apply extensions that their client’s natural lashes can comfortably support. For example, if a client has weaker, short natural lashes a decision on which lashes to use will be made accordingly and the extensions chosen will match the length and healthiness of the client’s own lashes.

Secondly, if a lash artist uses a technique that allows their client’s lashes to grow naturally, a break will not be necessary. To keep up their eye-popping look they can opt for infill lashes each month for as long as desired. The perfect excuse for your clients to make a return visit. Hopefully turning new clients into loyal clients.

Do lash extensions make your natural lashes shorter?

In one word: no. Lash extensions do not affect your lashes natural length. This is a common misconception that many clients have, which may put them off booking in for a lash treatment. Natural lashes have a predetermined length. When taking extensions off, clients are used to seeing themselves with longer lashes and some may think their natural lashes are shorter than before.

We recommend taking before photos and keeping them on file so that clients can see their natural lashes are the same as before. This helps to eliminate any doubts they may have and keep them reassured.

Discussed within MBE training, lash technicians are educated in working with suitable lash lengths and thicknesses, individual to each client, in order to minimise damage to natural lashes.

Is it okay to rub your eyes after the lash extensions have been applied?–

Be extra careful to avoid rubbing the lashes as it may cause them to be removed prematurely. Help the lashes lost longer by being mindful not to put any pressure around the eye area.

Clients must wait 24 hours before showering or getting lashes wet

Yes, this is true. As recommended in the aftercare advice for MBE, avoiding water for 24 hours will allow the adhesive to bond to the natural lashes resulting in the desired effect. Following this time period the lashes can become wet and the bond will be unaffected. This is also around the time your client’s can apply mascara if they want to enhance their already voluminous look.

Do I need to avoid oil-based products?

Yes, at all costs! As advised in the aftercare advice from MBE, which states to avoid oil based products, such as make-up remover, as this will break down the bond of the adhesive to the extension. It is recommended to use an oil-free based make-up remover to keep the lashes looking their best for longer.

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If you’re not already qualified using MBE then head on over to our course page and get your place booked here ASAP and give your clients those lashes they’ve always dreamed of! Hopefully this has put all the lash extension myths to bed and the aftercare is clear.

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