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Nail polish has been outselling lipstick for the first time in its history.

According to statistics presented by retail analysts Mintel, nail polish is outselling lipstick in the beauty market for the first time. Traditionally in times of economic hardship, women have turned to lipstick as an affordable pick-me-up; however research shows that consumer behaviour has been changing, with more women now turning to nail polish when they want to treat themselves.

The sales numbers clearly show a shift in trends and consumer spending, with 2014 polish sales in the UK reaching £284 million (up 7% from last year), compared to lipstick which peaked at £244 million.

The increased spend on polishes has been down to a change in tastes, and the growing number of nail bars found across the country. From small villages to busy high streets, consumers are flocking to their local nail bar for a quick treatment and pamper session. British women now spend on average £450 a year on their nails and almost 70% bought a polish in 2014, compared to 59% in 2013. Celebrity involvement has also sparked extra interest in nail polish, with Victoria Beckham recently partnering with Nails Inc to launch two exclusive polishes.

Here at Ellisons, we can certainly confirm the popularity of polishes, with our ultra-popular CNDcollections flying off the shelves on launch days. Beyond CND™, we have a wide selection of polishes to choose from including, Mavala,Orly and The Edge.

What do you think of the increased popularity of polishes? Have you seen a significant change in your spa or salon? Let us know in the comments below.

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