Orofluido Asian Zen

Experience the alluring aura of the exotic East and restore your hair’s splendour with Orofluido Asia.

Made with a stunning blend based on treasured Asian ingredients and an exquisite fragrance, Orofluido Asia has been specially formulated for those with dry, damaged and frizzy hair to smooth, condition and repair hair.

Zen control Elixir

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This lightweight conditioning formula provides an instant polish to the hair’s surface creating a film that coats the cuticle, promoting the reflection of light which will give your client’s hair extra gloss and shine. This new leave-in treatment helps to fight frizz, protect the hair from sun damage and is suitable for all hair types.

Zen control shampoo

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Zen control shampoo is a harmonious combination of the legendary smoothness of tsubaki (camellia) oil, the extraordinary strength and flexibility of bamboo, and the outstanding nourishing properties of rice oil. Increasing hair manageability and frizz control, this new formula treats the hair from roots to ends to achieve beautiful, lustrous hair.

Zen control conditioner

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Zen control conditioner contains a powerful ingredient that promotes moisture retention, nourishes and repairs hair, prevents breakage and reduces split ends. This new innovation from Orofluido conditions the hair, leaving it soft, smooth and supple so that your client’s hair becomes more manageable and easier to style.

Zen control mask

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A luscious, rich cream that combats frizz, makes hair easier to manage and promotes a healthy shine. This mask is an intensive rescue for all types of hair in need of condition and repair.

All Orofluido Asian Zen products are now available to purchase from Ellisons.

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