Orly treatment products

Rejuvinate your client’s nails with a selection of Orly treatment products.

After a hectic December involving shopping, stuffing turkey and endless Christmas parties, your client’s nails may be looking and feeling neglected. So with spring just around the corner, why not treat your clients to a ‘spring clean’ with an indulgent Orly treatment, prior to their desired manicure?

Not only will this enhance your service portfolio, but it is a chance to boost your salons’ profits; charging more for treatments and retailing the products to clients after their manicure.

Take a look below at some of the bottles available and our suggestions on how to assist your clients on their journey in getting their nails back to beautiful.

Orly BB crème

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Whilst most associate BB Crème with skincare, Orly’s newest innovation contests this preconception and shows that it can also be applied to nail care. With a sheer peach tint, this all in one tropical treatment helps to smooth, moisturise and brighten nails, leaving an enduring natural finish.

Orly primetime

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This chip preventing primer is the perfect preparation coat for polish application and the perfect product for one of the first stages in Orly’s luxurious nail rescue process. With the ability to smooth the nail surface, balance pH levels and eliminate residue, Orly Primetime boasts protection for your client’s nail with longer lasting wear.

Orly bonder

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Having applied Orly Primetime, you can move your clients onto one of the next treatment products such as the best seller Orly Bonder. This exclusive rubberised basecoat will help stop nails from peeling, chipping or polish wearing off and will allow a manicure to last longer.

Orly ridgefiller

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Over the years many of your clients may have picked up a nail biting habit, leaving their nails with a rough and bumpy surface. With Orly’s Ridgefiller, you can help to restore your client’s nails to a smooth, flat surface ready for a colour polish application.

Orly calcium shield

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Like nail biting, another slight indiscretion your clients may be guilty of is not drinking enough milk, causing brittle and therefore easily breakable nails. Use Orly’s Calcium shield treatment to instantly strengthen weak and thin nails and get your client’s nails back up to a fit and fighting condition.

Orly top 2 bottom

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Many of your clients may choose to pop in and see you on a lunch break from work or in between picking up their children from school. With this in mind, try Orly’s two in one base and topcoat. Combining the two crucial elements of any manicure, this formula works in double the amount of time and will give your clients just that little bit longer to fulfil their daily tasks.

This February take advantage of Orly’s latest offer on their fantastic selection of treatment products: purchase any two 18ml treatment bottles and receive one 18ml Orly polish free

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