Organic and natural products to add to your offering

The last few years has seen a dramatic rise in organic and natural skincare

, so now is the perfect time to incorporate these types of products into your professional offering, if you haven’t done so already.

Organic and natural products have become one of the top trends in the personal care industry, so it’s no surprise that the UK organic market is now worth £2.2 billion pounds*. Customers are savvier and want to know exactly what’s inside the products they buy. More brands are starting to make a conscious effort to stock organic and natural products.

Here is a list of the top organic and natural brands and products which you can add to your professional salon and spa offering, to make sure you’re following this top trend clients are raving about:


Introducing natura, the new sheet mask range by BeautyPro, which use a unique blend of superfood and plant based ingredients. Their masks are biodegradable and all come in recyclable packaging. Plus, they are all vegan-friendly, which is becoming a very popular choice for many customers. Check out our range of other vegan products here.


Herb infused sheet mask

The herb infused sheet mask by natura is packed with a range of herbs and vitamins which helps to minimise pores in the skin, brighten complexion and rebalance skin tone. This provides deep hydration for your skin, leaving it feeling nourished.

Potato and parsley under eye mask

The potato and parsley under eye mask by natura is enriched with a unique formula which reduces puffiness and brightens under the eye areas. This hydrating under eye mask is perfect for clients looking to rejuvenate their under eye area and reduce dark circles.

Rose infused sheet mask

Enriched with powerful botanical extracts, the rose infused sheet mask by natura helps to soothe irritation, minimise redness and cleanse the skin of impurities.

Multi-grain infused sheet mask

The multi-grain infused sheet mask by natura contains multi-grains of rice, buckwheat and rye. These natural ingredients contain an anti-ageing formula to plump and firm the skin and help to boost complexion.

Turmeric infused sheet mask

Infused with turmeric, this sheet mask by natura is largely beneficial for anti-ageing. The mask helps to re-energise the skin and encourage cell formula, which leaves skin looking hydrated and radiant.

Avocado infused sheet mask

The avocado infused sheet mask by natura is enriched with natural avocado oils which hydrate and repair the skin, as well as containing an anti-ageing formula to protect the skin.


Kaeso specialise in skincare and beauty products, which use naturally derived ingredients to deliver high quality skin results. Their products range from face masks and exfoliators, to moisturisers and oils, and are free from parabens and sulphates. Incorporating natural ingredients into their products is an essential part of their formulas, which is something you can shout about to your clients.


Kaeso hydrating cleanser

This hydrating facial cleanser by Kaeso is the perfect addition to enhance the treatments for your clients in your salon. The cleanser is enriched with aloe vera, balm mint and cotton extracts which work to moisturise the skin. The natural extracts also help to remove everyday grime and make-up, without drying out the skin to leave it feeling soft and nourished. Kaeso hydrating cleanser also offers a great retail opportunity for your clients to use at home.

Kaeso essential oils

Kaeso offers a range of essential oils, which are perfect for you to incorporate into the aromatherapy treatments you provide to clients. The oils are enriched with natural and organic ingredients, which provide multiple benefits. These include black pepper, which works to recharge and energise, geranium which soothes and calms and peppermint, which helps to cool and relieve stress.

Outback Organics

Outback Organics is an eco-conscious brand, who only use organic and natural ingredients in their product offering. They have wide product range from wax to face and body scrub and pride themselves in being “effective, ethical and affordable”, something which you can add to your professional offering.

Here are a few of their organic products:

Outback Organics post wax lotion

The post wax lotion by Outback Organics is a great addition to use on your clients after all body waxing services, to ensure their skin is soothed and protected. The lotion contains jojoba and rose hip oils which deeply nourish the skin. It is also enriched with witch hazel, aloe vera and organic cucumber extract which helps to leave the skin feeling soft and silky after use. It is completely vegan, something that is a becoming an increasingly popular choice for customers who are becoming more eco-conscious. Check out our range of other vegan products here.

Outback Organics hand and body lotion

Also vegan, this hand and body lotion by Outback Organics is enriched with nourishing natural properties. The macadamia oil is designed to soothe dry skin and leave it feeling soft and looking hydrated. The lotion, with tea tree oil and anisate extract, is also gentle enough for you to use on your clients immediately after hair removal. This helps soothe the skin and  prevent ingrown hairs often linked with waxing. The lotion also comes in a 100ml bottle, which makes it a perfect retail selling point for clients to use in between appointments to keep skin hydrated.

Ellisons Beauty Essentials

Essential oils

The Essential oils range by Ellisons Beauty Essentials includes natural aromatherapy oils, to be used in massages and other treatments you provide to your clients. These include tea tree which is enriched with natural healing properties, lemongrass which is energising and can be used to tone muscle and lavender which will soothe and rejuvenate your client’s skin. Their versatile range is guaranteed to offer each of your clients the benefits they are looking for.

Organic Virgin coconut oil

The virgin coconut oil by Ellisons Beauty Essentials is 100% organic. It is enriched with vitamin E and essential amino acids, which are great at protecting and repairing the skin.

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