New Year goals

New Year, new goals. Is there something on your to-do list that you’ve been putting off for too long?

Whether that be a re-vamp of your salon, more training for your staff to offer more services to your clients or simply keeping a good relationship with existing cliental. It’s time to put your thinking caps on making sure you work at those resolutions one step at a time.

New Interior

Spruce up your salon with as little as a touch of paint or invest in new salon couches or treatment beds to enhance your treatments. You want the space you work in everyday to be clean and fresh to provide you, your employees and your clients a positive atmosphere that they want to be in. First impressions are key to attracting new clients and if your salon is an aesthetically pleasing space with friendly, approachable stylists it is likely new clients will turn into loyal ones.

New services

Here at Ellison’s we offer an abundance of training courses for you and your employees to get involved with and enhance your treatment service menu. During this quieter period it is the perfect opportunity to enrol yourself on to some courses ready for when business begins to pick up, ensuring you can cater for all of your client’s needs. Whether that be the facial skincare course to give your clients a glow ready for the warmer months or the Delsera female intimate waxing course that is bound to be popular in the summer season. Having employees qualified in these areas keeps your salon or spa above the rest and a great place to come to receive a variety of treatments.

Brand and reputation

Keeping a positive brand image and reputation is crucial for retaining existing clients and inviting in new clients. Make sure you are doing your upmost to continually improve and work on making your brand better day by day. A potential way to monitor how you’re doing is through client feedback. At the end of the treatment politely ask your client if they wouldn’t mind leaving a review on your social media page of how their experience was. From this you will get a good indication of what you have done well and potentially areas you can work on to improve future experiences. Additionally, this may bring in new clients. If they read a positive review online they are likely going to want to come and see what all the fuss is about. Recommendation is one of the most effective marketing tools.

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Your team defines your business. Have people around you who brighten the atmosphere and create good relationships with your cliental. Get to know your clients- they will want to come back to receive your services if there is a good relationship they don’t want to lose. Clients want stylists and beauticians they can trust and who they know will give them the service they came in for.


Finally, create a marketing plan to help you evaluate and audit your business; assess what worked best for your salon in 2017 and what didn’t to help you plan the year ahead. For example your marketing plan could follow this outline:

  • Areas to focus on: Salon finances: when did you last increase your salon prices? What are your most profitable services?
  • Salon Marketing and PR: How do you market your salon? Is there additional advertising you could be doing?
  • Salon customer care: How do you take care of your customers? Do you see results in repeat business? Client feedback?

From this you will be able to see which areas you need to focus your attention on in 2018. You get back what you put into your business so make it count!

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